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Ix Chel (pronounced “eeshell”) is a Mayan Triple Goddess of fertility, waters, blood mysteries, weaving, healing, and medicine.  Some stories refer to her as only Maiden and Crone, but after reading her stories from several sources, the three distinct aspects emerged clearly for me and the triplicity was revealed.  

She is depicted as the White GoddessMaiden of the Moon, She of the Pale Face who had opalescent skin that radiated the light of the moon.  As the Maiden, she sits on the Mayan glyph for the Moo (in the form of the cresent moon), holding a rabbit (signifying the hare that lives in the moon and reproductive potential).

Ix Chel is the Red Mother or the Red Goddess.  In the Mother form, she is also calledLady Rainbow and Weaver Goddess. Other names that are Ix Chel aspects are Ix Kanleom, the “Spider’s Web Catching the Morning Dew”, and Ix Chebal Yax.  She is the Goddess who calls forth women’s blood (Goddess of Becoming) and stands over women as the Midwife in their births.

In her Crone aspect, Ix Chel is the Jaguar Goddess.  Sometimes she is called Chak Chel (the Old Moon Goddess) and the Grandmother, Ix Mukane.  She is filled with spiritual and medicinal knowledge and shown with a serpent on her head and wearing a skirt of crossbones.  Her hands take the claw form of the jaguar.  Chak Chel is also known as the Red Rainbow and for the ancient Maya, the rainbow came from the Underworld and was a sign of illness and death.

Ix Chel is a powerful Goddess for women to invoke.  She is also the Goddess that comes to women in their time of need.

(excerpt from 52 Goddesses by Kimberly Moore)

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