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The Egyptian Goddess Bast Portal Page

The Egyptian Goddess Bast was originally a lion Goddess of sunset and symbolized the fertility of the sun.  She rules pleasure, dancing, music, and joy.  Live cats were honored as part of Bast worship.  She was know as “the Lady of the East” and the more ferocious Goddess Sekhmet was known as “the Lady of the West”.

In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Bastet (or Bast) was shown as a slim female cat- headed Goddess holding a musical instrument known as the sistrum. As Bastet is associated with music, dance and joy, You can call on her feline energy during a Full Moon or when you need to give yourself the gift of Love. Put on your favorite music….light incense and a red, white or pink candle. If you have some colorful scarves, use them to decorate your altar.  If you have favorite crystals, stones or shamanic tools, use them. Relax, sit, lie down, or dance…do whatever feels comfortable, just remember to breathe.  Ask your guides to protect your sacred space, and to allow any messages or images to come clearly into your consciousness.  Bastet shakes the sacred rattle or sistrum to quiet your heartbeat and remove any fears or anxiety from your mind.  You feel the energy of joy move through you…it is really your kundalini moving up your chakras with the energy of this Full Moon. Feel  a warm pulsing energy of liquid light move from the soles of your feet to your crown center at the top of your head, until  it feels like you are wearing a beautiful crown of light.  You also feel your heart chakra fill with light and joy and love. You may ask Bastet to ignite your inner creativity and passion; to open your heart to love; to heal old emotional wounds; to bless the Earth and all your relations….anything that comes to your mind is correct.  If you have been working on a stalled project, ask her to awaken the fire of inspiration within you.  Have fun with her!  (Written by Mary Lomando)


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Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt  by Geraldine Pinch

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