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There is so much good information and a lot of information that may spin you in circles. Our Sacred Feminine blogroll is continually unfolding and rich with Goddess Women, Goddess sites and Goddess content to stir your senses and point you in an inspirational direction!

If you would like to add a site, please contact us!

The Goddess Portal Index – The Goddess Portal Index provides articles, links and resources for a list of Goddesses and includes Living Mythology, Ancient Wisdom and Goddess Practices to deepen and enhance your connection and facilitate your study.

Mystery School of the Goddess – online learning platform for Sacred Feminine Studies and Women’s Wisdom Practices.

Goddess Spirituality and Priestess Practice Resources – articles, links and info on Goddess Spirituality and Priestess Practices.


Websites for MotherHouse of the Goddess Contributors
Carol P. Christ and Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete
Gathering of Priestesses Facebook Group
Goddess Ink Publishing & Online Courses
The Goddess Timeline(Constance Tippett)
The Hungry Goddess
Image of the Goddess (Statues by Constance Tippett)
Janine Canan
Kimberly Moore – Shakti Womyn
Margaret Ann Lembo
Mary Lomando – Astrology & Trips to Egypt
Mona Rain – Andean Shamanic Practices & Trips to Peru
Nalini Blossom – Musician
Sacred Goddess Journeys with Amantha Murphy
Wild Earth Spirit & Melissa Ixcheldevi
Esoteric Women Facebook Page
Esoteric Women Pinterest Board

Sacred Feminine Blogroll

A Beautiful Body Project by Jade Beall

Annapurna Living

Anne Baring

Association for the Study of Women and Mythology

Avalonia Books

Awakening the Goddess Within – Dr. Mary Pritchard

Barbara Ardinger

Celebrate Myself – Veronica Iglesias

Charlene Spretnak

Circle Sanctuary

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Covenant of Hekate

Covenant of the Goddess

Dancing Tree Music

Danielle LaPorte – Desire Map

Demetra George

The Fellowship of Isis

Feminine Awakening – Natalie Brooks

Feminism and Religion

HecateDemeter Blog

Helen O’Sullivan – Goddess Artist

Hiro Boga

Incredible Music of Diane Arkenstone

Isioplis – M. Isidora Forrest

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

Joanna Powell Colbert

Judith Laura

Judith Shaw

Julie Daley – Unabashedly Female

Karen Tate

Kathryn Ravenwood

Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Laura Amazzone

Layne Redmond

Love of the Goddess

Luisah Teish

Margaret Starbird

Mary K. Greer Tarot Blog

Matrifocus Archives

Marya Stark Music

Medusa Coils – Blog by Judith Laura

Merlin Stone

Monica Sjoo

Mystic Mamma

New Alexandrian Library Project

Normandi Ellis

Pamela Eakins

Patricia Monaghan

The Red Tent Healing Arts Center in South Florida

Red Tent Movie – Things We Don’t Talk About

Red Tents in Every Neighborhood

Red Tent Temple Movement

Riane Eisler

The Rowdy Goddess blog

Ruth Barrett – Temple of Diana

Sacred Menopause on Facebook

SageWoman Blogs

Sally Kempton

Sandra Ingerman

Sapphire Bell – Music & Inspiration

Sekhmet Temple

Selena Fox

Spirit Soul Earth – Hillary Rain

Squam Art Retreats

Suppressed Histories Archive by Max Dashu

Susan Griffin

Thalia Took – Amused Grace

The Goddess House

Tosha Silver

Vivianne Crowley Blog on Patheos

Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio Show with Karen Tate



Yogini Shambhavi – American Institute of Vedic Studies

Z Budapest


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