Goddess Spirituality & Priestess Practice Resources

Goddess Spirituality and Priestess Practice Resources

Goddess Spirituality is a movement … a practice … a belief system made up of women and men from all walks of life and all types of religious backgrounds and experiences.  A belief in Goddess as the primary divinity, the Creatrix, is one of the common factors of those who identify with Goddess Spirituality.  Ways of worship, ceremonial practices and expression of Goddess Spirituality is fluid and reflects a “being-ness” rather than dogma and there are no set rules.  Goddess Spirituality can exist within traditional religious frameworks and can also exist without any framework at all.  In the end, it comes down to your personal relationship with Goddess or divinity and a female-centric approach to the world.

The Goddess Portal Index – resources on individual Goddesses and extend to individual Goddess Portal Pages with more links.

Goddess Alive Radio – interviews with Priestesses and Practitioners and authors in Goddess Spirituality & varied traditions.

Mystery School of the Goddess – online learning platform for Sacred Feminine Studies and Women’s Wisdom Practices.

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Articles on the Divine Feminine
13 Must Read Books on the Sacred Feminine and Goddess Spirituality
A Journey to the Divine Feminine
Celebrate World Goddess Day on 9/7
Hebrew Mother Blessing
She Who Changes
The Number 13 and the Divine Feminine
As We Bless the Source of Life, So We Are Blessed
Dion Fortune as a Gateway to the Goddess

Goddess Priestess Practices & Resources
52 Goddesses eCourse (Mystery School of the Goddess)
What is Women’s Ritual and Why Do We Need It?
Introductory Class on Priestessing with Anne Key & Candace Kant (Mystery School of the Goddess)
Priestessing I Course with Anne Key & Candace Kant (Mystery School of the Goddess)
Gathering of Priestesses (Goddess Alive Radio)
Priestess Prayer
The Book of the Dead and Samhain
Gathering of Priestesses Interview with Kimberly F. Moore – Founder of the MotherHouse of the Goddess

Guided Meditations on the Divine Feminine
Goddess Moon Meditations
New Moon Meditation on the Maiden Aspect of the Goddess (Goddess Alive Radio)
Goddess Moon Meditation on the Divine Feminine (Goddess Alive Radio)

Additional Goddess Spirituality Resources & Links

Why Women Need the Goddess by Carol P. Christ

Why a Goddess Pilgrimage? by Carol P. Christ

Goddess Timeline Video by Constance Tippett

Top Thirteen Most Influential People in Goddess Spirituality Today by WoodsPriestess

10 Important Figures in Goddess Spirituality by Jason Mankey

California Institute of Integral Studies

Death and the Divine: The Cihuateteo, Goddesses in the Mesoamerican Cosmovision by Anne Key

Matriarchy in Minoan Crete: A perspective from archaeomythology and modern matriarchal studies by Cichon, Joan Marie, Ph.D

When God Was A Girl – BBC Documentary

Sacred Goddess Pilgrimages Trips and Tours

Sacred Pilgrimages

Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete with Carol P. Christ

Egypt Trip to the Temples with Mary Lomando 

Sacred Tours to Peru with Mona Rain

Pilgrimage to Durga, the Matrikas & the Kumari in Nepal with Laura Amazzone

Sacred Goddess Journeys of Ireland with Amantha Murphy

Recommended Reading for Goddess Spirituality

Carol P. Christ
Rebirth of the Goddess
She Who Changes: Re-imagining the Divine in the World
Laughter of Aphrodite: Reflections on a Journey to the Goddess
Diving Deep & Surfacing: Women Writers on Spiritual Quest
Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion

Marija Gumbutas
The Language of the Goddess
The Living Goddesses
The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe: Myths and Cult Images

Dion Fortune (She has many more that are Esoteric-focused)
The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune
Moon Magic by Dion Fortune

Merlin Stone
When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone
Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood by Merlin Stone

Stepping into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses edited by Anne Key and Candace Kant
Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion
Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality by Judith Plaskow & Carol Christ
The Politics of Women’s Spirituality edited by Charlene Spretnak
Priestesses Pythonesses Sibyls – The Sacred Voices of Women who speak with and for the Gods  edited by Sorita D’Este
Voices of the Goddess: A Chorus of Sibyls edited by Caitlin Matthews


Women and Goddesses in Myth and Sacred Text by Tamara Agha-Jaffar

The Goddess Guide: Exploring the Attributes and Correspondences of the Divine Feminine by Brandi Auset

The Myth of the Goddess by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford

Goddesses in Everywoman by Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

Sacred Circles: A Guide to Creating Your Own Women’s Spirituality Group by  Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig

Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism by Mary Daly

The Moon and the Virgin by Nor Hall

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd

Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century by Judith Laura

Daughter of the Goddess: The Sacred Priestess by Naomi Ozaniec

The Hebrew Goddess 3rd Enlarged Edition by Raphael Patai

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm by Layne Redmond

The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth by Monica Sjoo

Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World by Karen Tate

Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals by Luisah Teish

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  1. maury white-hereford says:

    Barbara G. Walker, “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets”

    An 1103 pg. book of info. that goddess worshipers want to know, includes descriptions of many goddesses/gods

  2. Leesa says:

    Hello Kimberly,
    I LOVE Motherhouse of the Goddess! Thank you for providing this amazing resource.
    Just a heads up – the above link to “The Goddess – A Poem” is missing (page not found).
    Infinite blessings.

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      Leesa -you are SO kind and wonderful in all that YOU do as well! THANK YOU – I will check that! xo

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