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Anahita … Persian Goddess … The Lady of the Waters and the Lady who has a chariot that is pulled by four horses named wind, rain, clouds and sleet.

She is Freedom, Liberation, Warrior, Protectress, Life Increasing and All Mother.

Aredevi Sura Anahita– “life increasing, herd increasing, fold increasing who makes prosperity for all countries” – I was struck by the similarity in her name to the Hindu Devi (Shakti!).  As well, her name Harahvati bears a resemblance to Parvati and Saraswati.

Anahita is a Water Goddess, a Fertility Goddess, and a Protector of Women.  Later, she is syncretized with Ishtar and becomes associated with the planet Venus and war.  Anahita is often seen as a young woman in a golden mantle with a crown surmounted by eight rays and one hundred stars and was called the “Golden Mother”.  She carries a water pot and a pomegranate blossom.

She is also called “Immaculate One” – She is Mother and Warrior.  She originated in Babylonia, appeared in Egypt armed and mounted as a Warrior Goddess, and Her worship spread further to the East.  The Armenians honored Anahita with green branches and white heifers and there is some indication of sacred sexuality being practiced at Her temples.  Her worship was extensive throughout the Persian Empire, although Zoroaster did his very best to ignore her.

From Susan Gaviri – Anahita in the Ancient Iranian Mythology:

“…it must not be forgotten that many of the famous fire temples in Iran were, in the beginning, Anahita temples.  Examples of these fire temples are seen in some parts of Iran, especially in Yazad, where we find that after the Muslim victory these were converted to Mosques.”


The Goddess Anahita and Freedom by Kimberly F. Moore

Anahita, – The Mother of Gods – Iran the cradle of the early gods by: Mohammad Sadeq Nazmi Afshar 


Anahita: Ancient Persian Goddess and Zoroastrian Yazata by Payam Nabarz

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Anahita – Lady of the Beasts statue at

Statue of Aphrodite/Anahita in the British Museum

Anahita in the Ancient Iranian Mythology by Susan Gaviri


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