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Bee Prosperity by Greg Spalenka

Bee symbolism in sacred texts, temples and artifacts dates back to the Neolithic Period.  The intertwining of the Bee and the Goddess has occurred in multiple cultures and rites.  Get your bzzzzzzzzzzzzz on and connect with the Bee Goddesses!

Melissa is a name that means “bee” and was a title as well for the Priestesses that served at the temples of Demeter and Artemis of Ephesus.  The title may originate with the story of a Cretan Princess named Melissa who collected honey to give to the infant Zeus.  When Zeus became the ruler of Olympus, he is said to have transformed this princess, his nurse, into a bee.

Honey is a frequent sacred offering to the Gods across many cultures, indicating the tie between the bees and divinity.

Some of the Goddesses strongly associated with Bees:  Anatolian Mother Goddess, Bhramari Devi, Oshun, Artemis of Ephesus, Freya, Potnia, Gaia


Blissing out with Bees – The Bee Goddesses and Bee Priestesses by Kimberly F. Moore

Dance of the Bees – Reading the Language of the Goddess by Carol Christ

The Bee Goddess Calls by Judith Shaw

Gobnait: Woman of the Bees on Matrifocus by Siofra Geoghegan

Bee Healer – Honeybee in Goddess Mythology Andrew Gough’s Arcadia – sacred bee information

Sacred Path of the Bee – Layne Redmond GMO Journal – Disappearing Bees

The Indian Bee Goddess – Bhramari Devi


Goddess Alive Radio Sacred Beekeeping Interview and Full Moon Five Senses Meditation with Laura Bee from The College of the Melissae

College of the Melissae – Center for Sacred Beekeeping

Bee City USA

Xerces Society

Bee Goddess from Rhodes Plaque from Image of the Goddess by Constance Tippett

Honey Pot with image of the Bee Goddess from Image of the Goddess by Constance Tippett

Bee Goddess Brown Sugar Keepers from Image of the Goddess by Constance Tippett

Bee Priestesses with Marguerite Rigoglioso & Nancy Leatzow   interviewed by Karen Tate on Voice of the Sacred Feminine on blogtalk radio (Podcast)

Hymns from the Hive by Layne Redmond (Music)

The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore (Dover Books on Anthropology and Folklore) by Hilda M. Ransome

Vanishing of the Bees Movie

Book – The Honey Trail: In Search of Liquid Gold & Disappearing Bees by Grace Pundyk

Bee Prosperity by Greg Spalenka – Prints on Etsy (artwork)

The Temple of Merope from Pantheanism


Image of the Goddess Bee Goddess Items


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