Goddess Gift Guide


Welcome to the Spring edition of the Goddess Gift Guide!

I am delighted to bring to expanding the Goddess Gift Guide to a seasonal guide featuring an amazing group of offerings re participating and that will be available for inspiration all year long, changing with each season.

Priestesses, Authors, Artists, Kitchen Witches are all embodying gorgeous creatrix energies. I invite you to browse through the offerings via the tiles below. Links lead to their pages and some have seasonal offers and coupon codes, so please click, visit, and let them know that you found them through the Goddess Gift Guide.

The power of women supporting women is never to be under-estimated. Through the year, invest in local businesses, small businesses, women-owned businesses where you can. As we support and lift each other, the prosperity and abundance flows through all involved.

Do you have a business that you would like to include? Contact me for rates and inclusion for your creations.

Thank you for taking the time to browse and connect!

May all the blessings of Goddess and the season come to you and yours!

Kimberly F. Moore ~ Priestess and Founder of MotherHouse of the Goddess


Kimberly Moore – Goddess Card Readings

Brandi Auset – Red Wholistic

Mary Lomando – Pachaterra

Lauri Ann Lumby – Authentic Freedom Academy

Ronna Detrick – Women’s Sacred Stories

Carol P. Christ – Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete

Audrey Alison – Astrology and Tarot

Renee Starr – Back to the Goddess

Pamela Eakins – Tarot and Pacific Mystery School

Anne Key and Genevieve Mitchell- Goddess Ink Media

Sandy Boucher – Author, Teacher, Writing Consultant

Heather Murphy – Ashi Box

Ann-Marie Lavelle – Ampl Creations Jewelry

Gwendolyn Barry – Daughters of Isis

Kim Murphy – Murphy’s Essentials

Tara Reynolds – Love of the Goddess & Devotional Art

Mary Petiet – Author and Writer