Sacred Wild Woman – a Poem {Melissa Ixcheldevi}

She is smoke and feathers. She moves with the brave moon and remains in the fallen shadows. She weaves with time and protects with distant words. She steadies on the windchime and lays in muddied pastures. She carves steeples for Wisdom’s Current and tucks prayers into the mountains. She is the reminder and the return. She sings to the stones and dances in the fire. She awakens in the heart and breathes through all veins. […] Read more »

Lakshmi Blessings and a HOLY YES from Goddess {Kimberly Moore}

First, I am delighted to announce that the new Lakshmi Blessings Course is now open for registration. Lakshmi is the first in the new Shakti Blessings series that I am working on and the next one, Saraswati Blessings, is already underway. It has been a whirlwind week or two in Lakshmi Land gathering everything she wanted to offer up for your sacred consumption! Also coming are Sacred Shakti Practices with the Sacred Heart Shakti due […] Read more »

Living the Mysteries of Sekhmet & the Myth of the Goddess Sekhmet Part 1{Anne Key}

This article and future articles are a three part series from Anne’s time at the Sekhmet Temple and excerpted with permission from her book, Desert Priestess. During my three years of living at the temple {Sekhmet Temple of Goddess Spirituality}, I lived outside of the Christian American calendar, celebrating the turn of the seasons and undulating with the cycle of the moon. Truly living “as above, so below; as the universe, so the soul; as […] Read more »

Kundalini Mystery: Our Divine Creative Force by Marie de Kock {Rhythms Winter 2015}

The sexual creative force, the Kundalini Shakti is curled up inside all organic beings, including humans, at the base of their spines, like a serpent. It is a multidimensional energetic configuration, not a real snake, of course not. When charmed, She can rise, appearing like the snakes that rise out of their baskets to the tune of a flute. And when injured, She becomes twisted and kinky in anger, often to the detriment of the […] Read more »

Celebrating the Goddess Hekate as Protector from Storms August 13 {Kimberly Moore}

August 13 has become associated with the Goddesses Hekate and Artemis as a day/night to honor them and propitiate appropriately to ward off storms that could potentially destroy crops.  While the observance of this day survives to present ritual celebration, the ancient origin and sources to back it up are not readily apparent. Modern adaptation may come from August 13 being listed in the Goddess Book of Days by Diane Stein. We would assume that […] Read more »

21st Century Mermaid Spirituality {Demi Fox}

My passion is mermaids. I like mermaid everything and unsurprisingly, as a devoted Goddess girl, mermaid spirituality and the sacred feminine in mermaid form was always going to be something I’d start poking around with. It was inevitable really. I love working with the Goddess in her mermaid aspect, and to see the mermaid archetype as a lens for the Wild Divine Feminine to come through. The mermaid archetype inspires me like crazy. If you […] Read more »

Harvesting Sage with Artemis {Melanie O’Leary}

Harvesting Sage with the Goddess Artemis by Melanie OLeary for MotherHouse of the Goddess

Every June I travel up to my parents in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada to hand pick my Sage for the year. Parts of the Interior of BC are considered a semi-desert which, allows Artemisia Tridentata (sagebrush) to grow abundantly. This year I was blessed to be accompanied by my parents, my 3.5 year old daughter Maya and my parent’s 3 dogs. The sun and breeze welcomed us as we found the right spot to […] Read more »

Hair {Kathryn Ravenwood}

Hair by Kathryn Ravenwood on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Samson, it is told, lost his great strength when he allowed Delilah to cut his long hair.  Here was a man who held up the pillars of the temple with his testeroned toned muscles.  Bulging biceps and taut triceps, chomping at the bit, foaming at the mouth, clamoring to show off their massive power in raw tribute to the physiological triumph of man.  The conquest of matter held aloft by shoulders straining to support the […] Read more »