Meeting Maman Brigitte on Death’s Doorstep {Kimberly Moore}

Haitian Creole – Mesye la kwa avanse pou l we yo! Maman Brigitte malad, li kouche sou do, Pawol anpil pa leve le mo (les morts, Fr.) Mare tet ou, mare vant ou, mare ren ou, Yo prale we ki jan yap met a jenou. English – Gentlemen of the cross (deceased ancestors) advance for her to see them! Maman Brigitte is sick, she lies down on her back, A lot of talk won’t raise […] Read more »

Dark Goddess Reading List

‘Tis the Season of the Witch and the Dark Goddesses. As we move from the light half of the year into the dark, we turn inward and request soul guidance from the Dark Mothers who hold sway over this time of year. For those seeking connection with Goddess and in particular the Dark Goddesses, my advice always begins with devotion. Approaching Goddess devotionally sets up a powerful circuit and allows for synchronicity, intuitive expansion, and personal […] Read more »

New Moon in Libra – The Goddess Demeter and The Black Moon {Goddess Card Readings}

The New Moon in Libra occurs on Friday, September 30 at 8:11 pm eastern time. It is a rare “black moon”, a second New Moon in a month that evokes wildly powerful soul-changing lunar energies. The Libra New Moon lunation will culminate in a fiery Full Moon in Aries on October 16. Being in the sign of Libra, the new moon is bringing messages of balance, of our light and our shadow. The outer reflection of […] Read more »

Celebrating the Goddess Diana for August Full Moon and Nemoralia {Goddess Full Moon Group}

Join the Goddess Full Moon Group for a wild Full Moon celebration of the Goddess Diana on Thursday, August 18 at 8pm eastern. The Moon is Full in Aquarius AND is a very unusual Lunar Eclipse. Brandi Auset and I lead the Goddess Full Moon Group every month, as well as some special Goddess Wheel celebrations, and it includes discussion of the featured Goddess, a guided meditation, and a chat with Q&A after the meditation. This month […] Read more »

The Wild SHE – Kali {Susan Morgaine}

Which Goddess comes to your mind when you hear “The Wild SHE”? For me, that will always be Kali. “By you this universe is borne, by you this world is created By you it is protected, O Devi. By you it is consumed at the end You who are eternally the form of the whole world, at the time of creation you are the form of the creative force, at the time of preservation you […] Read more »

Living in a Sacred Landscape {Jude Lally}

As the sun slowly descended below the peaks of the Isle of Rum the land enters into the gloaming. At this point of the wheel of the year, just passed Beltane and approaching summer solstice, twilight in these north western latitudes of Scotland lasts for many hours after the sun goes down. Twilight paints the land in her true colors for at this time we leave everyday reality behind and shift into this lingering time […] Read more »

Embracing Your Sacred Sexual Body {Brandi Auset}

excerpted from the online workshop Intimate Bliss: Exploring Your Sacred Sexual Self Judging your physical form as lacking in any way can keep you from happiness, and intimacy with your Self and others.When we are uncomfortable with our physical appearance and afraid of our bodies, we distance ourselves from making true intimate connections. We hide in baggy clothes, or fight to keep the lights out during lovemaking. Some of us even find it difficult to […] Read more »

March MoonWild – The Mermaid Moon {Renee Starr}

For me, it is the dark moon that sets the tone of the entire lunar cycle, with her irresistible mysteries and primal, untamed nature stalking me like a she-wolf in the night. The dark moon beckons us to follow her deep, deep down into the dark forest of the psyche, where words fall soundless to the ground and the stirrings of the soul, emotions and feelings reign supreme. A time of prayer, insight, meditation and stillness, the […] Read more »