Starting a Love Affair with Vishnu – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya and the Vaijayanti Mala #MantraMonday

I bow before the God Vishnu, Who is personification of peace, Who sleeps on his folded arms, Who has a lotus on his belly, Who is the God of gods, Who is the basis of earth, Who is similar to the sky, Who is of the colour of the cloud, Who has beautiful limbs, Who is the consort of Lakshmi, Who has lotus like eyes, Who is seen by saints through thought, Who kills all […] Read more »

January New Moon Teaching & Ritual: Saraswati Goddess of Wisdom & Creativity with Laura Amazzone

You are invited to gather in the magickal energy of the New Moon with Priestess and Shakta Yogini Laura Amazzone for powerful, free live monthly Goddess rituals. Each month, Laura will be unveiling a new Goddess (or group of Goddesses) in a teaching and ritual on or near the New Moon. You may join live or access the archives for any of the rituals. On this first new moon of the new year, we will […] Read more »

Chanting from the Heart, White Light, and the Goddess Durga #MantraMonday

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – May all my thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings. I chanted this mantra this morning and I released through tears. On the heels of multiple tragedies in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and so many daily sufferings that are innumerable, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So, I chanted. And asked what to do? The simplest of answers … Think with your heart. The heart always […] Read more »

Celebrate Durga Puja – Nine Nights of the Divine Mother with Laura Amazzone on Mystery School of the Goddess

You are invited to become Durga and ride Her tiger of power and strength in a ten-day ritual course dedicated to the largest contemporary Goddess Festival on the planet! Celebrate the Annual Fall Durga Puja from your home temple or anywhere you are through a special online daily practice and teaching with author and Shakta Tantra priestess Laura Amazzone. ***This course begins on October 13 and runs through October 22. Please note this course will […] Read more »

Invoking the Goddess of Wealth – Lakshmi with Dr. Jalaja Bonheim {Mystery School of the Goddess}

Until we heal our relationship with money, we cannot be fully empowered. Yet for many spiritually evolved women, money remains a subject fraught with ambivalence, confusion and pain. This 7-week course will help you heal and transform your relationship with wealth and abundance by approaching them as essential attributes of the sacred feminine. The course includes three live webinars with Jalaja Bonheim, who leads sacred circles for women from around the world. You’ll be joining […] Read more »

Goddess Card Reading for Week of June 15 and New Moon in Gemini – Vila, Epona, White Tara

Goddess Card Reading for Week of June 15 and New Moon in Gemini Vila Epona White Tara MotherHouse of the Goddess

New Moons are new beginnings each and every month. Intentions that are seeded at the New Moon are then carried to fruition with the cycle of the waxing Moon, peaking at the Full Moon (which happens on July 1 AND July 31 – a blue moon!). This New Moon is in Gemini and also has a strong Mars conjunct with the Sun and Moon. We embrace the energy of Gemini (ruled by Mercury who just […] Read more »

The Water Blessing Song by Nalini #MantraMonday

The Water Blessing Song by Nalini Mantra Monday on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Many of our readers are familiar with the enchanting voice of Nalini from her Circle of Women chant on Goddess Alive Radio. Her voice reaches right in our Goddess hearts and enlivens us, inspires us, moves us. Her NEW recording The Water Blessing Song is now available as well and I am delighted to share it with all of you. It is powerful in the listening and the chanting and the message is that WE […] Read more »

Goddess Notes – Venus Goddess Grid & New Moon in Taurus May 18

Venus Lakshmi Goddess Grid and New Moon in Taurus MotherHouse of the Goddess

Happy New Moon in Taurus! The Moon is New in Taurus at 12:13am eastern time. Mercury also stations to retrograde officially today.  With the Sun and Moon in Taurus, this is a potent time to tap our feminine power and join our Venusian hearts with the power of Gaia. What is your heart saying? And how are you making your heart’s desire manifest in your life? This New Moon offers some potent opportunities to explore what is […] Read more »