Introducing Kwan Yin {Genevieve Mitchell}

“Kwan Yin—also known as Quan Yin, Guan-Shih-Yin, Kwannon, Quan Am, Kwan Seum Bosal, she of many names—is the pre-eminent goddess in all of Asia… The bodhisattva is a person who pursues her path to awakening or enlightenment but stops before final liberation, vowing, “I will not achieve full liberation until every being in the universe is enlightened”…She is often seen as the supple maiden-goddess, her robe blown by the sea wind, or as the deep […] Read more »

Vesna, Slavic Goddess of Spring {Tara Reynolds}

Vesna is the Slavic Goddess of Spring and fertility. The name Vesna in the Slovene language translates to literally mean “Spring”. Vesna is known as a beautiful and youthful goddess with flowers in her hair and long flowing locks that reach down to her knees. Sometimes she is portrayed scantily covered in leaves while holding an apple in one hand and grapes in the other.   She was honored at Spring and was a Goddess […] Read more »

The Deer Goddess – Ancestral Mother of Scotland {Jude Lally}

Growing up I regularly walked the hills up above Loch Lomond, Scotland. Among the stones at the top of Carman Hill, I would sit ever so quietly, scrunching up my eyes and in my imagination I erased all the traffic and cars and then the streets and houses taking the land back to how it may have looked thousands of years ago. Then I would hold my breath, hoping I could see the Old Ones […] Read more »

Goddess Feast Days and Celebrations for March 2017

Spring, Glorious Spring is coming! After a wild and whacky winter in so many areas and the eclipses of February, we are ready for the enlivening energy of Goddess to revive us and bring forth Her promise of new life, new energy, and new manifestations. The seeds that began their quickening at Imbolc are bursting with life-affirming spirit and providing visual cues that Goddess is extending across the land. Laughing Woman is dancing into our […] Read more »

Dream Blossoms {Molly Remer}

“Instead of planting our solitude with our own dream blossoms, we choke the space with continuous music, chatter, and companionship to which we do not even listen. It is simply there to fill the vacuum. When the noise stops there is not inner music to take its place.” –Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea What “dream blossoms” are you planting in your life? What inner music are you listening to? Before I began writing on […] Read more »

Meeting Morgana le Fey: A Visualisation {Demi Fox}

You feet step softly over round hills and apple orchards of Glastonbury Avalon. Here is where the otherworld kisses the human world, where the world beyond whispers sweet nothings to us, enchanting us into the magic of the celtic world of Avalon. Listen! Listen to the soft sighing of the trees, the rushing tumble of a stream as it falls upon sacred stone.  Smell the deep scent of the damp earth, the debris of another […] Read more »

Honoring the Goddess Aphrodite on Her February Feast Day

Leave Crete, Come here, Come to the holy place Come to the sacred grove. Your altars are smoking with incense. Cold water sings through the fruited trees, Everything is shaded under the bower of roses And from the shimmering radiance of leaves, an enchanted sleep drops down. Here is a meadow of spring flowers where horses graze and a soft wind gently breaths. Come Aphrodite, pour your nectar into our golden cups In grace make […] Read more »

Celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite for February 2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse {Goddess Full Moon Group}

  Join the Goddess Full Moon Group for a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite on Saturday, February 11 at 8pm eastern. The Moon is Full in Cancer on 1/12/17. Brandi Auset and I lead the Goddess Full Moon Group every month, as well as some special Goddess Wheel celebrations, and it includes discussion of the featured Goddess, a guided meditation, and a chat with Q&A after the meditation. Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of […] Read more »