Astrology Update – Full Moon in Aries October 16 & Meditation for Sekhmet {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the mid-Fall season after the busy astrological month of September. This will be my last newsletter before our group leaves for Egypt in November, but stay tuned for more updates and photos I will be posting from Egypt on Facebook.  In the meantime, I will be scheduling astrology appointments until the end of October and beginning December 3.   FULL MOON IN ARIES OCTOBER 16, 2016 This […] Read more »

Lotus Wand of the Goddess ISIS – Heka Variation {M. Isidora Forrest}

Like so many of us who work with Isis, I invent my own variations on the rituals I do with and for Her. Heck, I even do variations on my own stuff! I’d like to share one of those with you today. This particular rite is not in Isis Magic, but is based on the Lotus Wand of Isis (page 319 in the old version, page 323 in the new edition). The original Lotus Wand […] Read more »

Thealogy of the Ordinary {Molly Remer}

The Goddess Gaia is alive In this time and in this space She speaks in sunrises And waves against the shore She sings with the wind She dances in moonlight She holds you close Your heart beats in time with hers A great, grand hope and possibility For this planet… Recently, I was listening to a wonderful telesummit about priestesses. I am also a huge fan of the radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine. However, as […] Read more »

Tending the Altar and Altar Cleansing Rituals {Tara Reynolds}

The altar is the place you go to honor and pay homage to your deity. It’s the place you go to pray, perform magical rites and connect with the energy of spirit. The altar is a sacred space and it should be treated as such. Over the years I’ve read about many different ways one is “supposed” to set up an altar. Put “this” over there and “that” over there and make sure you have […] Read more »

The Key to Egyptian Magic – Part 2 {M. Isidora Forrest}

Last post, we talked about Kheperu or Transformations as the key to Egyptian magic (see the Key to Egyptian Magic 1). This is the technique by which a human magician may briefly partake of Divine powers through the use of sacred imaginal images, ritual speech, and right action. It is a way of empowering our magic. To develop this technique, a society would need to understand that human beings could become godlike—which ancient Egypt did—and further, […] Read more »

Bhakti is the Honey of My Soul – Govinda Jaya Jaya Mantra #JuneSwoon

Mantras have this magical way of weaving into all levels of consciousness. I chant specific mantras usually in the morning, but they fill my day, playing in the background and I hum and chant along as I work. Ganesha flows into Kwan Yin who shifts and sparkles into Om Tare and then Vishnu and Lakshmi’s love is playing which may next be wild calls to Kali. I started this post calling it dreams of Radha and […] Read more »

On Gaia & Inhabiting Our Mother {Kimberly F. Moore}

“The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whisperings of grasses, the shimmering of leaves.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams In the beginning, Gaia was. Primordial Goddess. Creatrix. Font of life. Source. According to Hesiod’s Theogyny, Gaia was autogenetic (self-generated) and emerged out of Chaos. She was also capable of parthenogenesis – She bore Ouranos, Ourea (the mountains), the Nymphs and the Barren Sea […] Read more »

A Woman’s Moon Centers by Susan Morgaine

A WOMAN’S MOON CENTERS A Key to Physical and Emotional Bliss It is no secret that women are emotionally and psychically connected to the moon. It is no coincidence that more and more women are calling our periods, our moontime. In ancient times, before the advent of fluorescent lighting, women who lived and worked together would normally have their moontimes together. In some cultures, this evolved into what we now call “The Red Tent”, a […] Read more »