Feast Day of the Orisha Goddess OYA – February 2

OYA smaller Orisha Goddess from Pinterest

The promise of Spring, the quickening, and the fire of Goddess also inspires other Goddess festivals. Oya is a Yoruban Orisha and Goddess who has been syncretized into Afro-Caribbean traditions.   February 2 is the Feast Day of the Orisha Goddess OYA, as well as her Saint, Candelaria. We did a teleconference on this powerful Warrior Goddess in the Goddess Full Moon Group for January (archive available). OYA is the Ruler of the Wind and […] Read more »

Brighid – Ancient Mother of Scotland {Jude Lally}

Growing up in Scotland, five miles as the crow flies from Loch Lomond, we regularly waked around the surrounding hills. Even as a child I was aware of the presence of the old ones whose voices became clearer the deeper we moved into silence of the hilltops. The same voices still speak to me and now decades later I know their names and stories. To me Brighid is one of the ancient mothers of Scotland […] Read more »

The Sacred Intention Challenge Starts January 3 {Charlotte Elea}

Welcome to the Sacred Intention Challenge. Deepen your relationship with Tarot, meditation, symbolism and ritual, and discover how much energy you can shift in 6 days. We step into our sacred paths on January 3, 2017. This free 6-day experience will walk you through the steps to create an intention that aligns your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. A process that will immediately move you forward on your divine path. You’ll create your intention […] Read more »

Goddess Isis Rite for the New Year {M. Isidora Forrest}

The ancient Egyptian New Year came in late summer and marked the beginning of the fertilizing Nile Inundation. Here in Portland, January is certainly part of our own inundating rainy season, but it is hardly in tune with the ancient late-summer New Year. Yet for devotees of Isis, there is a New Year’s treat to be had. You see, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, Sirius reaches its highest point in the night […] Read more »

The Tradition of the Yule Log {Susan Morgaine}

While the origins of the Yule log are attributed to the Scandinavian countries or to Germanic paganism, most would say the tradition started in Ancient Rome, where entire trees would be burned in an effort to keep away Kallikantzaroi. Silent prayers would be offered while the tree was burning. Kallikantzarois was a demon/goblin, who lived underground but who would surface during the 12 days of Christmas to wreak havoc. Legends surrounding him were also found […] Read more »

To the Beautiful Mourner – Isis the Weeper that Transforms {M. Isidora Forrest}

This is a gift the priest/ess brings before the Beautiful Mourner, Isis the Weeper Who Transforms: an invocation offering of mourning. I offer You, Isis, my mourning for there is nothing else I can do with it. How is it that something so empty can be called pain-full? I am abandoned in an ocean of pain so deep that there is nothing else. My tears are nothing but more salt for that bitter sea. My […] Read more »

Seasonal Offerings for Mystery School of the Goddess – Fall into Winter

Winter is coming a bit early at Mystery School of the Goddess so that we could showcase the inspirational offerings available now through the end of the year. We will be updating new offerings here and on the Mystery School of the Goddess Facebook page. We are lighting the hearth fires and preparing (as of this writing and in the United States) to gather with friends and family to celebrate our Thanksgiving. Gratitude and counting our […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon in Aries October 16 & Meditation for Sekhmet {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the mid-Fall season after the busy astrological month of September. This will be my last newsletter before our group leaves for Egypt in November, but stay tuned for more updates and photos I will be posting from Egypt on Facebook.  In the meantime, I will be scheduling astrology appointments until the end of October and beginning December 3.   FULL MOON IN ARIES OCTOBER 16, 2016 This […] Read more »