Lady of the Light – Solar Goddesses for Summer Solstice {Susan Harper}

It’s almost time for the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Sun is making her glowing presence felt! While we often associate the Goddess with the Moon, cultures around the world have also honored Sun Goddesses. Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice, is an excellent time to meet and celebrate these Ladies of the Light. While each Sun Goddess will have her own energies and her own domain, Sun Goddesses do have some […] Read more »

Summer/Sun Goddesses {Susan Morgaine}

With the Summer Solstice upon us in a couple of short weeks, it is time to turn our attention to the Summer/ Sun Goddess; Goddesses we can call on while meditating on a sandy beach, that we can invoke under the full moon on a warm summer night, She who we can call upon as we submerge ourselves in the salt water that is Her womb. There are many Goddesses associated with summer and the […] Read more »

Goddess Alive Radio 3/25 8pm edt – Amantha Murphy, the Goddesses of Ireland & Irish Shamanism

Amantha Murphy

We are thrilled to welcome Amantha Murphy on a mid-week edition of Goddess Alive Radio to discuss the Goddesses of Ireland, the Celtic Wheel of the Year and Irish Shamanism! Amantha is a world-renowned Shamanic Healer & Teacher who follows the path of the Goddess. She started her work professionally in 1971  as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within three years. Since then she has worked with, and continues to work with, groups […] Read more »