Goddess Feast Days and Celebrations for March 2017

Spring, Glorious Spring is coming! After a wild and whacky winter in so many areas and the eclipses of February, we are ready for the enlivening energy of Goddess to revive us and bring forth Her promise of new life, new energy, and new manifestations. The seeds that began their quickening at Imbolc are bursting with life-affirming spirit and providing visual cues that Goddess is extending across the land. Laughing Woman is dancing into our […] Read more »

Goddess Feast Days and Celebrations for February 2017

“The Sun’s path has returned to where it was at Samhain. Take some time to notice the quality of the light, for it is the same now as that shimmering magical glow of late October. But instead of the season of dark and silence before us, in the Northern Hemisphere, the season of light and growth lies ahead. And so we prepare ourselves with rites of renewal, cleansing, and commitment. We celebrate the first stirrings of Spring.” […] Read more »

MotherRoot – The Depths of Her Soul – Winter Digest 2016

Welcome to MotherRoot Winter! This evening is the “dark moon” of the year. It is the night that invites us to explore the depths of the Soul of Goddess and our Selves as well. We turn to the Goddesses of Winter who are contracting in preparation for the expansion of new growth in the Spring. The Goddesses who are about to birth the Sun/Son. And the Crones who stand watch, poking at the coals of […] Read more »

MotherRoot Autumn Equinox – Her Shadow and Her Light

  Fall Equinox is the balance of dark and light, day and night, and the drama of the descent of the Goddess throughout multiple cultures and traditions reflects the equinox: Demeter and Persephone, Inanna and Erishkegal, Isis and Nepthys. The sweet sorrow of the Autumn season acknowledges that decay and death are always inevitable.  Leading us through the innermost labyrinth are the the Dark Queens whose liminal natures signify the mysteries present in working the energies […] Read more »

MotherRoot Summer – June 2016 – The Fire of Her Soul

Welcome to MotherRoot Summer – June 2016! The Fire of Her Soul … Goddess is alive! She is movement, manifestation, passion, creation, light, and magic. Evidence of Her beauty and bounty surrounds us in the Northern Hemisphere and with Summer Solstice upon us, we celebrate the light of Goddess. She infuses us, stirs us, sustains us. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is tomorrow, June 20, and coincides powerfully with the Summer Solstice for the first time […] Read more »

MotherRoot May – The Earth is Her Body

Welcome to MotherRoot May 2016! The Earth is Her body … we are about a month away from Summer Solstice and Gaia is moving to full bloom. We bear witness to Her fertility and abundance in the Northern Hemisphere and the call to spend more and more time in nature is strong. Sync with the land, with Gaia. Call Her powers of abundance to your life and return Her blessings with projects and ceremonies that […] Read more »

MotherRoot April – Shoot for the Stars! Magic and Practice for Your Month

Welcome to MotherRoot for April 2016! Our loose theme for this MotherRoot is the Cosmos, reaching for the stars, and syncing with La Luna. There is a lot of cosmic dancing occurring in the skies as planets are stationing retrograde and, of course, as the Moon and Sun move through the signs. Think of these retrogrades as opportunities to review, re-do in some cases, and reset your goals and heart’s desires. How can you shoot […] Read more »

MotherRoot March – Magic and Practices for Your Month

Welcome to the first MotherRoot monthly digest for March 2016! Beginning this Spring, we are moving to a new monthly digest format rather than the quarterly journal. You can still access Rhythms of the Goddess archives for browsing. As our tribe and contributors have increased, we have chosen to share the contributions here on the site and then curate monthly magic and practices to embrace the EveryDay Sacred. Each MotherRoot monthly will come with a […] Read more »