Susan Morgaine

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter and Priestess of the Goddess, Dianic Witch, Healer, Yogini, Teacher, Writer. Connect further with her at Shakti Warrior

The Tradition of the Yule Log {Susan Morgaine}

While the origins of the Yule log are attributed to the Scandinavian countries or to Germanic paganism, most would say the tradition started in Ancient Rome, where entire trees would be burned in an effort to keep away Kallikantzaroi. Silent prayers would be offered while the tree was burning. Kallikantzarois was a demon/goblin, who lived underground but who would surface during the 12 days of Christmas to wreak havoc. Legends surrounding him were also found […] Read more »

In A Time of Turmoil, What I Am Thankful For (Susan Morgaine)

Today is November 10, 2016. It has been a difficult couple of days for so many, the majority of them women.  I was one of those who felt as if the world had crumbled yesterday due to the results of the US presidential election. But, today, is a new day, one in which to take stock of what has happened, what could happen, and how we deal with the unknown future. As it happens to […] Read more »

I Went Down to the Crossroads – A Meditative Journey with Hecate {Susan Morgaine}

HECATE – Her name alone can conjure up a vision of what we imagine Her to be. She is the Goddess of the Witches, a Dark Goddess, the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, Keeper of the Cauldron of Secrets. She is the Guardian of the Crossroads, holding aloft Her torch, accompanied by Her hounds who are able to look at Past, Present and Future. We look to Her for guidance and protection as She encourages us […] Read more »

Serenity {Susan Morgaine}

SERENITY. Just hearing the word evokes all manner of places, things, and feelings. But what does it really mean? The Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as: “the quality or state of being serene“. Looking at synonyms, we find: peace, stillness, tranquility. I would venture to say that everyone wants to be serene, to find the place of calm within lives that have become increasingly busy and stressful. My life in some ways is very easy. […] Read more »

The Nereids {Susan Morgaine}

The Nereids are Sea Goddesses/Nymphs and the daughters of Nereus and Doris, who was the daughter of Oceanus. Doris’ name means “bounty of the sea”, which is perfect for the Mother of the Nereids, who represent all that is beautiful about the sea. They are 50 in number, all of whom loved to dance and sing with their melodious voices. They dressed in the finest silks and their heads were crowned with red coral. All of […] Read more »

The Wild SHE – Kali {Susan Morgaine}

Which Goddess comes to your mind when you hear “The Wild SHE”? For me, that will always be Kali. “By you this universe is borne, by you this world is created By you it is protected, O Devi. By you it is consumed at the end You who are eternally the form of the whole world, at the time of creation you are the form of the creative force, at the time of preservation you […] Read more »

Drawing Down The Moon – A Poem {Susan Morgaine}

DRAWING DOWN THE MOON – A POEM By Susan Morgaine She walks amidst the shadows of the night, the radiance of the moon her only light She reaches the place where the waters meet the shore Feeling the power deep in her core She looks up to the moon, a wonder to behold its’ energy calls out to her reaching her very soul Her arms slowly rise up, breath coming slow, but steady She stands […] Read more »

Summer/Sun Goddesses {Susan Morgaine}

With the Summer Solstice upon us in a couple of short weeks, it is time to turn our attention to the Summer/ Sun Goddess; Goddesses we can call on while meditating on a sandy beach, that we can invoke under the full moon on a warm summer night, She who we can call upon as we submerge ourselves in the salt water that is Her womb. There are many Goddesses associated with summer and the […] Read more »