The Wild Witch – Gathering Plants for Ceremony {Renee Starr}

I am a witch of the wild, a seeker of the wise-woman ways, the Goddess traditions and the magic of shamanism.  One of my favorite ways to practice these teachings is to walk through a forest, go into the desert or stroll alongside the ocean to meet with the plant spirits that reside there. I ask them for wisdom, blessings and guidance…and also to receive their leaves, twigs, branches, flowers, seeds, and such, that I […] Read more »

March MoonWild – The Mermaid Moon {Renee Starr}

For me, it is the dark moon that sets the tone of the entire lunar cycle, with her irresistible mysteries and primal, untamed nature stalking me like a she-wolf in the night. The dark moon beckons us to follow her deep, deep down into the dark forest of the psyche, where words fall soundless to the ground and the stirrings of the soul, emotions and feelings reign supreme. A time of prayer, insight, meditation and stillness, the […] Read more »