Mystery School of the Goddess

Mystery School of the Goddess is an online learning platform for Sacred Feminine Studies, Wisdom Practices, Shamanism, and the Healing Arts.
Many of the courses are self study, allowing you to complete them at your own pace. There are frequent free community offerings as well. Our instructors are varied and well-qualified with academic and strong experiential backgrounds. New courses are released monthly. See New Courses

January New Moon Live Ritual for the Goddess Kali with Laura Amazzone

Kali: Goddess of Power, Transformation and Letting Go. Please join Laura Amazzone on this New Moon as we invoke the powerful Goddess Kali. On this new moon we will tap into Kali’s transformative and liberating fires and reignite our desires and intentions for the coming moon cycle. Live Teaching and Ritual is at 8pm eastern on January 27, 2017 – Archive available for replay after. The ritual is offered via webinar on Mystery School of the […] Read more »

Online Course New Year Special! 25 Courses under $25

Happy New Year! New Year ~ New Intentions ~ New Journeys! Get a jump start for the New Year and check out some of our online offerings and courses that align with your intentions and budget for 2017! How are you creating the life that you want to live in the New Year? This is the time of planting seeds, dreaming and visioning, working with annual cycles to invite new growth in the coming Spring. […] Read more »

Goddess Saraswati Live New Moon Ritual June 4 with Laura Amazzone

Saraswati: Goddess Creativity & Wisdom Please join Laura Amazzone on this New Moon in Gemini as we honor Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is a Wisdom Goddess, a Goddess of Speech, Sacred Sounds and all the Arts. We will invoke Her sacred flow of inspiration & healing. We will tune into Her powers of contemplation and meditation as we set intentions for our creative and healing endeavors in the coming lunar cycle! Live Teaching and Ritual is at […] Read more »

Kwan Yin in Nature by Sandy Boucher {Guest Post}

My own first strong awareness of Kwan Yin in the natural world, came on a beach on an island in the South China Sea. The tiny island is called Putuo Shan, or holy mountain, and is dedicated to Kwan Yin. It has been a pilgrimage site for hundreds of years, a place where people come to visit the many temples and sea caves, hoping to receive the bodhisattva’s blessing and even to have a vision […] Read more »

The PRIESTESS – by Dr. Jalaja Bonheim & Helena Cooper from Aprodite’s Daily Nectar eCourse

Dr. Jalaja Bonheim and photographer Helena Cooper have just released Aphrodite’s Daily Nectar eCourse through Mystery School of the Goddess and we are sharing one of the prompts from the course! Aphrodite’s Daily Nectar will connect you to your own light and beauty and to the sacredness of the world. With teachings, inspiring quotes and jaw-droppingly gorgeous images, it will support you in staying aligned and attuned throughout your day. You receive one prompt each day […] Read more »

Meet Lauri Ann Lumby – Author, Magdalene Priestess, and Mystery School of the Goddess Instructor {Priestess Interview}

Over the next few months, we will be featuring weekly interviews with all of the amazing women that are leading courses through Mystery School of the Goddess. Pour a cuppa something yummy and get to know them a bit better! Our first feature is Lauri Ann Lumby who joined Mystery School of the Goddess in December with gorgeous Magdalene courses. She is also a biweekly contributor on MotherHouse of the Goddess (see her MotherHouse articles). […] Read more »

December New Moon – The Goddess Aditi with Laura Amazzone

December New Moon Ritual on the Goddess Aditi with Laura Amazzone Mystery School of the Goddess

Please join us as we celebrate the Goddess Aditi. Goddess of Space and Sky, She is the unfettered one, the source of creativity, Divine Light and freedom! As we celebrate this new moon, we prepare to welcome the return of the light that will come on the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. We will explore how to honor and generate our creative fires throughout this moon cycle and the winter season by tuning into […] Read more »

Orisha Goddesses eCourse with Kimberly Moore {Mystery School of the Goddess}

The Orisha Goddesses are elemental connections to our deepest selves. The seductive, the graceful, the wild, and the primordial are embodied within the ancient tales and modern presences of the Goddesses Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, Oba, and Nana Buruku. Representatives of the waters in our world and our bodies, they are a siren call to women who are ready to sink into the intrinsic power of Goddess. Music, meditation, journal prompts, and Goddess practices are included […] Read more »