Mary Petiet

Mary Petiet is a reporter, writer and story teller. She holds an M.A. Honours, Medieval History, and a Diploma, Art History, from the University of St. Andrews. Her book, Minerva’s Owls is due out in April 2017, with Homebound Publications. Follow her on Facebook at Mary Petiet.

New England Past and Present Merge {Mary Petiet}

“Hello, Hello!” An insistent voice outside the dining room door. A man calling, the voice unrecognizable in everything but its urgency. I poke my head through the door. Silence. Trees still, no breeze, no birdsong. Summer evening shadows gather in silence. There is no man, no one to claim that strong voice. The New England house is old. It dates to the 1840’s officially, but has evidence of far greater age. An entire tree of […] Read more »

The Goddess and The Song of the Universe {Mary Petiet}

Mystics, poets, and scientists have long suspected that the universe is singing to us. Last September, scientists proved it when they recorded the sound of two black holes colliding billions of years ago. The sound is the energy rippling from the crash, proving Einstein was right about both space ripples and the existence of black holes. The ripples sing in a C chord, and they are energy in motion, which scientists say will never cease […] Read more »

Savasana – Corpse Pose {Yoga Journeys Series by Mary Petiet}

Savasana is a Sanskrit word, forming a compound of the words shava, which means death, and asana, which means posture. The two words joined together mean corpse pose. Savasana is a yoga session’s final powerful pose and can be a hard to define experience. Where, exactly, does savasana take us? Savasana is the end pose of  the yoga sequence designed to align the body with both the earth and the cosmos creating balance between the […] Read more »

Goddess Pose – Why Yoga Evokes the Sacred Feminine {Yoga Journeys Series – Mary Petiet}

Stand tall with your legs bent and your feet pointing out. Raise your arms as goal posts, hands up with palms facing forward. Stand straight and strong from the torso while grounding the legs. This is the yoga pose of the goddess. Each time we assume the pose of the goddess we evoke the sacred feminine.  From our yoga mats, we are able to access both our inner goddess and the goddess without, for she […] Read more »

Why Yoga Transcends Duality {Yoga Journeys Series – Mary Petiet}

Duality:  An instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.  (Oxford English Dictionary) Transcendental: going beyond normal or physical human experience…existing apart from and not limited by the material universe. (Oxford English Dictionary) When my kids were really small they used to journey. They’d ride their magic carpets to a place they called Silly Language World due to the odd tongue spoken there which only children could comprehend. […] Read more »

The Precipice and the Bridge – Yoga Beyond the Stretch {Yoga Journeys Series – Mary Petiet}

The modern, industrial West is in the throes of a growing fascination with the ancient practice of yoga. On our yoga mats, we can bridge the precipice between old and new realities as we explore new spiritual territory. According to The United States Yoga Federation, there are 22 million Americans currently practicing yoga. Additionally, in 2012 a Pew Research Center poll revealed that one-fifth of the U.S. public – and a third of adults under […] Read more »

Review of Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess by Trista Hendren {Mary Petiet}

“Take heart, my friends. When they fall to their knees in gratitude for the sacred, when they embrace the feminine face of God and feel me rising in their souls, the balance will return. Trust me guys, it’s underway, even now. Rejoice!” -Marilyn McFarlane, in Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess What happens when 35 International contributors reflect on finding the Goddess within (and without) Christianity and Islam? Where does the divine feminine exist within these […] Read more »

Body Prayer {Mary Petiet}

All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. —Julian of Norwich I am laying in shavasana, corpse pose, the final assimilating pose of any Hatha yoga practice. I am sprawled on my back on my yoga mat and my right hand receives a pleasant weight that I can wrap my arm around. I hold this weight and I know suddenly in that inner way of knowing […] Read more »