Astrology Update – New Moon in Libra {Mary Lomando}

Happy Fall!  September has been a very busy astrological month, indeed! The Libra theme is all about “relating” and relationships. Now is the perfect time to schedule a reading for yourself and someone you care about with my “October Special”: 2 readings for $150! Schedule at   NEW MOON IN LIBRA SEPT 30, 2016 This is the first New Moon following the Autumn Equinox (signifying the karmic balance between the light and the dark; yin […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 9/16/16 {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Fall Season in the Northern Hemisphere! September has been an astrological extravaganza with its two eclipses, Equinox and Mercury retrograde all rolled into one month! If things start to feel overwhelming, it is important to remember the healing rhythms of nature. This month’s Full Moon is also known at the “Harvest Moon”, the time of the year set aside for honoring the gifts of the Earth. The word Equinox means […] Read more »

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo – September 1 {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, This month of September arrives with a grand cosmic flourish featuring the solar eclipse AND Mercury Retrograde. The New Moon in Virgo on September 1st is a solar eclipse, called a “Ring of Fire” eclipse (when a thin ring of sun surrounds the moon’s silhouette). The eclipse will be visible in the southernmost points of the globe: Southern Africa, the southern Indian Ocean, Madagascar, and Antarctic; it will not be visible from N. […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon in Aquarius for August 18 {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, Happy Full Moon and Happy Birthday, Leos….. FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS AUGUST 18, 2016: This month’s Full Moon falls in the Leo/ Aquarius polarity; the Sun is at 25 degrees Leo, and the Moon is 25 degrees Aquarius. This Aquarius/Leo polarity reminds us of the potential of the dawning Aquarian Age: the “revolutionizing” of human consciousness which began in the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago. The Great Lion Sphinx of Giza is […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19 {Mary Lomando}

All Full Moons are about illumination; bringing forth into consciousness what has been nurtured in the unconscious.  With this Full Moon in the Capricorn/ Cancer polarity, we are being asked to balance our male and female aspects; God/Goddess; yin and yang.  Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign which signifies or connection to the Earth, our traditions, our ancestral lineage, and spiritual roots. Capricorn grounds us in “physicality”; it allows us to build a solid foundation […] Read more »

Astrology Update – New Moon in Cancer {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, Happy 4th of July, and Happy Birthday Fellow Cancerians ! NEW MOON IN CANCER: JULY 4, 2016 This 4th of July New Moon falls in the sign of Cancer, the Great Mother represented by Mother Mary, Goddess Isis, Quan Yin, and all the lunar deities. The Moon is in its home sign in Cancer, the cardinal water sign which rules our emotions and memories, our connection to our physical mother, as well as […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon in Sagittarius on Summer Solstice June 20 {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, This is the second consecutive Full Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This is an unusual cosmic occurrence and reinforces the Sagittarius/ Gemini message: (see May 2016 Full Moon Update). As I am writing this, our country is, once again, dealing with the repercussions of violent fanaticism. This is not the time for inflammatory rhetoric; bigotry, or hateful words. Sagittarius is all about freedom and the quest for Truth….not just for the […] Read more »

Astrology Update: New Moon in Gemini June 4 {Mary Lomando}

SUMMER ASTROLOGY SPECIALS: BOOK ANY 2 SESSIONS FOR  $150 – schedule at or contact Karmic Astrology Egyptian Tarot Reading Dream Analysis   ASTROLOGICAL UPDATE: NEW MOON IN GEMINI JUNE 4, 2016 This New Moon falls in the sign of Gemini, which is the quintessential Air sign.  The sign Gemini is ruled by the planet, Mercury, the Messenger of the gods. Our ability to think and communicate (whether written, spoken or telepathically) allows all humans […] Read more »