Spring Anxiety Arrived Like A Lion {Kim Hageman}

I am a little afraid of spring. Feeling very Demeter here. Fear of returning, fear of change. Prospect of newness and being confronted by what didn’t get done over the winter. My own daughter will return from 3 months in Italy next month. I can literally feel Demeter’s anticipation, waiting for her girl Persephone to come home. I’m wondering what will be different. Will my daughter be the same? Am I? Again, I feel the […] Read more »

Book Review-“Sidewalk Oracles: Playing With Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life” by Robert Moss {Kim Hageman}

  As I was listening to a guided meditation on the root chakra, a car horn beeped twice at the exact instant I heard the word “prosperity”. I paused the audio and pondered this a moment. I live pretty far out in the country on a dead end road. We don’t hear a lot of car horns. This one stopped me in my tracks and I had no choice but to consider the word, “prosperity”. […] Read more »

Life With Goddess: Kali Is My Mentor {Kim Hageman}

I keep the Goddess close. I wear a Kali skull mala as a bracelet. When I am frustrated or angry, I take a minute, breath deep and “Kali Ma” my way around the mala. Sometimes, a few beads will suffice. Sometimes, more. Many more. Life just goes that way and having the Goddess to lean on is such a relief. I never feel alone. When I am beating myself up, picking my flaws out one […] Read more »

Baby Rhubarb and Israeli Couscous Porridge {Kim Hageman}

Living in a cold place creates all kinds of survival behaviors that mark the passing of the seasons. In September, when the first fleece jacket comes out is the point of no return. In October, when you are dying to be outside crunching leaves and lighting fires, you are stuck in the house because of horizontal freezing rain and 40 mph winds. Or in December, when it is impossible to find anything to wear for […] Read more »

Book Review – “Next To Godliness-Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping” edited by Alice Peck {Kim Hageman}

In the Introduction to “Next to Godliness“, Alice Peck talks about a Commonplace Book; an old-fashioned term used to describe a journal of sorts, where one collected thoughts or phrases that effected daily life and gave a place to reflect upon them. Like a meme with a Facebook post attached. With this in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed how Ms. Peck put this book together. Anthology, collection or compilation, “Next to Godliness” is pleasantly organized. I […] Read more »

Matcha Green Tea Goddess Smoothie & Baba Yaga as Goddess of Life {Kim Hageman}

A few days ago, Baba Yaga presented herself on the Motherhouse of the Goddess Facebook page. I was thrilled! Baba Yaga is one of the goddesses I keep with me throughout the year, but usually she is at the forefront in autumn. I realized how much I have limited the range of this crone Goddess. As a denizen of the forest, Baba Yaga lives in a hut that spins on chicken feet when ever anyone […] Read more »

Book Review: The Book of She: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power by Sara Avant Stover {Kim Hageman}

Earlier this year, I intentionally and ceremoniously cut ties with a debilitating aspect of myself I called “the Wounded Girl”. At age 52, the Wounded Girl kept me with one foot constantly in my past, never allowing me to move ahead. I decided we needed to part company. I could no longer listen to her pain, disappointment, addictions and self-loathing. I actually like myself quite a bit these days, enjoying my own company. The Girl […] Read more »

Cough Relieving Thyme Tea Remedy {Kim Hageman}

In Wisconsin, spring remains chilly and damp well into May. Coughs, colds and bronchitis are setting in with many of my friends. Thyme is a very old remedy for many upper respiratory complaints. Its active ingredient, thymol, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, along with a strong scent that helps loosen phlegm and soothes the respiratory system. Since the 16th century, thyme oil has been used in the mouth and on the skin because of its […] Read more »