Jude Lally

The Deer Goddess – Ancestral Mother of Scotland {Jude Lally}

Growing up I regularly walked the hills up above Loch Lomond, Scotland. Among the stones at the top of Carman Hill, I would sit ever so quietly, scrunching up my eyes and in my imagination I erased all the traffic and cars and then the streets and houses taking the land back to how it may have looked thousands of years ago. Then I would hold my breath, hoping I could see the Old Ones […] Read more »

Brighid – Ancient Mother of Scotland {Jude Lally}

Growing up in Scotland, five miles as the crow flies from Loch Lomond, we regularly waked around the surrounding hills. Even as a child I was aware of the presence of the old ones whose voices became clearer the deeper we moved into silence of the hilltops. The same voices still speak to me and now decades later I know their names and stories. To me Brighid is one of the ancient mothers of Scotland […] Read more »

Living in a Sacred Landscape {Jude Lally}

As the sun slowly descended below the peaks of the Isle of Rum the land enters into the gloaming. At this point of the wheel of the year, just passed Beltane and approaching summer solstice, twilight in these north western latitudes of Scotland lasts for many hours after the sun goes down. Twilight paints the land in her true colors for at this time we leave everyday reality behind and shift into this lingering time […] Read more »