M. Isadora Forrest

M. Isidora Forrest is a Prophetess in the House of Isis and Author. She is also a priestess of the international Fellowship of Isis, a Hermetic adept, a maenad for Dionysos, and a founder of the Hermetic Fellowship. In addition to Isis Magic, she is the author of Offering to Isis: Knowing the Goddess through Her Sacred Symbols. Connect with Isadora on her website Isiopolis.com.

Goddess Isis Rite for the New Year {M. Isidora Forrest}

The ancient Egyptian New Year came in late summer and marked the beginning of the fertilizing Nile Inundation. Here in Portland, January is certainly part of our own inundating rainy season, but it is hardly in tune with the ancient late-summer New Year. Yet for devotees of Isis, there is a New Year’s treat to be had. You see, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, Sirius reaches its highest point in the night […] Read more »

To the Beautiful Mourner – Isis the Weeper that Transforms {M. Isidora Forrest}

This is a gift the priest/ess brings before the Beautiful Mourner, Isis the Weeper Who Transforms: an invocation offering of mourning. I offer You, Isis, my mourning for there is nothing else I can do with it. How is it that something so empty can be called pain-full? I am abandoned in an ocean of pain so deep that there is nothing else. My tears are nothing but more salt for that bitter sea. My […] Read more »

Autumnal Equinox – Honoring Isis and Nepthys {M. Isidora Forrest}

Here at the 45th parallel on the west coast of the US, we are perfectly situated to experience the turning of the seasons in a nearly archetypal form. Very often, the first day of autumn or winter or spring or summer turns out to be a ideal expression of the forthcoming season. Today, the first day of fall, is sunny, warmish but not hot, and the air shines with the gold that only autumn can […] Read more »

What Does the Knot of the Goddess Isis Mean? {M. Isidora Forrest}

Thanks to Alexandra-Shakira for her question via Facebook, today’s post will be about that sister of the ankh, the Tiet, Tyet, Tet, also known as the Knot of Isis, the Girdle of Isis, the Buckle of Isis, or the Blood of Isis. There’s a famous passage from the Book of Coming Forth by Day, commonly called the Book of the Dead, that tells us the words to use to magically charge this important amulet: Spell […] Read more »

Making Sacred Nile Water Ritual {M. Isidora Forrest}

Here is the ritual of Making Nile Water, adapted from Isis Magic so that it is suitable for our group working. About the Rite: The Nile River was, and is, the very lifeblood of Egypt. Throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, the waters of the Nile were famous for their sweetness and purity. To the sacred waters were attributed powers of fertility, abundance, and renewal. Naturally then, Nile water was the preferred holy water for use in […] Read more »

Lotus Wand of the Goddess ISIS – Heka Variation {M. Isidora Forrest}

Like so many of us who work with Isis, I invent my own variations on the rituals I do with and for Her. Heck, I even do variations on my own stuff! I’d like to share one of those with you today. This particular rite is not in Isis Magic, but is based on the Lotus Wand of Isis (page 319 in the old version, page 323 in the new edition). The original Lotus Wand […] Read more »

(Almost) Modern Priests and Priestesses of the Goddess Isis {M. Isidora Forrest}

We often talk about Isis and Her priestesses and priests in ancient days, but today, I’d like to go a bit more modern. It’s important because those of us who are attracted to Isis today have a modern Isis heritage, too. Exploring that heritage helps us understand why Isis continued and continues to be a potent presence in much of society even today. Isis today lends Her name to a variety of medical, scientific, and […] Read more »

“Doing Things” for the Goddess Isis {M. Isidora Forrest}

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may be familiar with my small rants about The Old Gentlemen of Egyptology and their innate sexist attitudes. Well, today it’s time for another rant…just a little one…but this time it’s about the Even Older Gentlemen of Ancient Egypt and their innate sexist attitudes. You see, I just came across a scholarly article by Carolyn Routledge entitled “Did Women ‘Do Things’ in Ancient […] Read more »