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Eliza Fayle is an international intuitive mentor, Tarot Practitioner, and mixed media artist. She invites you to join her free Tarot Club to receive a weekly vision and card reading to set your focus. You are also invited to sign up for her free Mystery School of the Goddess Tarot course Tarot & You. You can also connect with her further at her wonderful website Silver and Grace.

The Goddess Lilith Gets Really Angry {Eliza Fayle}

We are now onto the fifth stage of personal development in my Goddess Lilith series. So far, our dark Goddess has experienced the struggle for equality, domination, flight and betrayal. Now she about to get really really angry. In the traditional telling of the Lilith myth, rage is the end of her story. God started killing off her babies as punishment for leaving Adam and her faith, and needless to say this really ticked Lilith […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith on Separation {Eliza Fayle}

In my last article, Lilith had to chose between a life of submission and inequality, or the fulfillment of her soul. She chose her soul. Not an easy choice to make. In leaving Adam, she left her other half – literally – and her home, and her God. The Lilith myth does not talk about the emotional pain Lilith must have experienced. Instead, it is designed to portray her as a heartless bitch. Yet, we […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith Takes Flight

Welcome back to my series on personal development through the story of the Goddess Lilith. So far our heroine goddess has determined that she is in an unequal relationship with her mate, Adam, and that he is determined to change her. This does not sit well with Lilith and she decides it is time to get the heck out of Dodge, or more accurately, Eden. I am basing the ‘chapters’ of this story on Tom […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith on Being Dominated

In my previous article, The Goddess Lilith on Asserting Equality, our feisty goddess was out of sorts about her unequal relationship with Adam. It seemed pretty clear to Lilith that they were two parts of the same whole. Yet, Adam was trying to edit her behaviours and dominate her. In this series of articles, I explore my behaviour and development story as seen through the eyes of Lilith. I am using Tom Jacobs’ 9 Stages of Development, in his […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith on Asserting Equality

In my previous article, The Goddess Lilith: Myth versus Archetype, I provided a definition of archetype used by author Tom Jacobs. Over nine weeks here on MotherHouse, I will be exploring my behaviour and developmental story using the framework that Jacobs’ employs in his book Lilith: Healing the Wild. Starting with … Stage 1: Asserting Equality As far as Lilith was concerned, she and Adam were equal beings. After all, they were made out of the same […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith: Myth Versus Archetype

I had an interesting philosophical discussion with my son, Cameron, the other day. It started out like this: “I am a little confused with this Lilith thing. Now, you do not need to explain to me why you chose her. I would just like to understand, because she was not a very nice lady.” Well, first of all I did not choose Lilith, she chose me, but I knew what he was getting at. Cameron knows his […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith on Doing What Really Counts

The more in touch I get with Lilith, the less I talk. You would think, given Lilith is a dark goddess, that I would have lots to say. That I would be raging against the atrocities of the world. Railing against injustice. Shouting out loud about the world’s evils. Nope, I am getting quieter and quieter. You will not find me responding to any Facebook post on animal cruelty. I will not be drawn into […] Read more »

Goddess Lilith and The Feminine War

My name is Eliza Fayle, and I am a pole dancer. For those of you who do not know me, I will let you ponder that for a moment. Pondering complete? What images came to mind? Exotic dancer? Perhaps that is too refined a term. Stripper? In fact, I am an athlete in a sport being considered for the Olympics. A sport in which any sexual moves will have you immediately disqualified. A sport that has a strict […] Read more »