Review: Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen {Demi Fox}

Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen is AMAZING. I couldn’t put it down. I love it because it looks at goddess spirituality from a totally different approach: as the myths and archetypes being alive within us, rather than a force outside of us. This book shows us how we interact with the divine archetypes every day, even when we are aware of it. Jean uses the Greek Pantheon as the basis for her work, which […] Read more »

Meeting Morgana le Fey: A Visualisation {Demi Fox}

You feet step softly over round hills and apple orchards of Glastonbury Avalon. Here is where the otherworld kisses the human world, where the world beyond whispers sweet nothings to us, enchanting us into the magic of the celtic world of Avalon. Listen! Listen to the soft sighing of the trees, the rushing tumble of a stream as it falls upon sacred stone.  Smell the deep scent of the damp earth, the debris of another […] Read more »

What Mermaid Medicine Do I Need? {Demi Fox}

I’ve been a-pondering the nature of mermaids a lot of late. As someone who is all mermaids, all the time, I often get asked, how can mermaids help me? Or, I’m a mermaid person, how can I get in touch with my power and make stuff happen? People who identify strongly with mermaids are usually possess particular mermaidenly qualities. I call them mermaid people, or mermaids for short. We have this stereotype of mermaids as […] Read more »

Living in Alignment with the Divine Feminine {Demi Fox}

How do we align our lives with the Divine Feminine? How do we do that on a day to day basis? Is it as simple as shooting off a prayer to her in the morning or does it go deeper than that? Much of our life and culture today is based on the inspiration of the masculine archetype. We live in a masculine culture with masculine ideals. We value masculine things and do things in a masculine […] Read more »

The Hidden Power of the Crone Goddess {Demi Fox}

The Crone is a shapeshifter, the young embraced by the old, the woman with the animal inside or beside her. She can be laughing one moment and then screaming with rage the next. She is the Goddess expression of the dark and the forbidden, cruising right to the things that make us uncomfortable, that we don’t want to look at, that frighten us. I’m not sure we are so great at Crone Goddesses: She can […] Read more »

21st Century Mermaid Spirituality {Demi Fox}

My passion is mermaids. I like mermaid everything and unsurprisingly, as a devoted Goddess girl, mermaid spirituality and the sacred feminine in mermaid form was always going to be something I’d start poking around with. It was inevitable really. I love working with the Goddess in her mermaid aspect, and to see the mermaid archetype as a lens for the Wild Divine Feminine to come through. The mermaid archetype inspires me like crazy. If you […] Read more »

Music Review: The Lotus Eaters by Wendy Rule {Demi Fox}

Wendy Rule - The Lotus Eaters Review by Demi Fox on MotherHouse of the Goddess

I’m a huge fan of everything Wendy Rule, and was even honoured enough to dance with her onstage at last year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference, and it’s a delight to review her work here. ABOUT THE ALBUM The Lotus Eaters is inspired by stories from the Odyssey, and like in the Odyssey it feels like the swell of the sea and water is ever present – from the rolling sound of the surf in the track […] Read more »