The Sacred Intention Challenge Starts January 3 {Charlotte Elea}

Welcome to the Sacred Intention Challenge. Deepen your relationship with Tarot, meditation, symbolism and ritual, and discover how much energy you can shift in 6 days. We step into our sacred paths on January 3, 2017. This free 6-day experience will walk you through the steps to create an intention that aligns your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. A process that will immediately move you forward on your divine path. You’ll create your intention […] Read more »

21 Days of Love and Gratitude Instagram Challenge #21is12 {Charlotte Elea}

We begin on Nov. 21, 2016 (but join in anytime!). I decided to host this challenge because in light of current events, I realized I need more love to flow in and out of my life—a lot more. And one way to do that is to show my love and gratitude for so many amazing Instagram feeds that I follow. So here’s how it works: Each day between 11/21 and 12/11 share your gratitude for […] Read more »

Journey with the Tarot – The Devil Card {Charlotte Elea}

There is no Tarot card that is levied with more resistance, anger and fear than the Devil. The Devil asks us to face the abject: those aspects of ourselves that we hate and abhor, would like to block out, and may have even tried as we might to disown. It is no fun witnessing your own darkness. When the Devil appears in a reading, it is asking us to acknowledge how the abject is influencing […] Read more »

Journey with the Tarot – The Moon Card {Charlotte Elea}

I knew upon entering 2016 that this would be the year of the Moon for me—the Moon Tarot card that is, number XVIII of the Major Arcana. I had calculated it based on my birthday and the current year, but also, it showed up front and center during a New Year’s reading. And so, I decided, bring it on! It was time to face my shadows so that I could continue my path fully embracing […] Read more »

Dream with the Moon and July Lunar Calendar {Charlotte Elea}

Dreams open us to an ocean beneath the surface of our consciousness, where hidden emotions, memories, thoughts, and desires reside. But dreams also take us to even deeper realms where our soul and true self live, where we exist beyond our bodies and this physical dimension, and where we connect to the source of all creation. Just like the ocean, our dreams are powerfully impacted by the phases of the moon, and have the potential […] Read more »

Fountain Tarot for the Modern Spiritual Seeker – Review {Charlotte Elea}

“You are the voice and the breath of universes.” That is the message that welcomes you as you open the box of the self-published Tarot deck, The Fountain Tarot, and is a sentiment you’ll feel often while using this deck. Released in 2015 by Creator Jonathan Saiz, Writer Jason Gruhl and Designer Andi Todoro, this Tarot deck was quickly promoted to one of my favorite and most used decks from the day it arrived on […] Read more »