About the MotherHouse of the Goddess

The MotherHouse of the Goddess is a Gathering Place for women, seekers, and devotees of Goddess and Goddess Spirituality.  We share information, provide online courses, and promote and organize events online and offline. The MotherHouse is the hub for blog posts and information for those who are seeking mindfulness, empowerment, and community for Goddess Spirituality and the Divine Feminine. Wisdom and practice, Goddess mythology, and sharing sacred living experiences are all a part of our exchange.

Check back frequently for seasonal articles, Women-stories, Goddess Magic, and Transformational Practices to support your journey.  Our site is designed to help you reveal the Aletheia (Goddess Truth) of your soul and allow Goddess to unfold throughout your life.

Wise Women, Wild Women, Priestesses, Shamans, Teachers, and Guides are all involved and more joining as our offerings and content increases. Make sure you pop over and meet our contributors! We also welcome submissions – click here for more info on how to write for MotherHouse.

The Mission of the MotherHouse of the Goddess is:

  • To provide a safe and nurturing space online for Women and devotees of Goddess to gather, share, study and connect.
  • To empower Women to seek and connect with the Goddess within and without and live authentic lives of power.
  • To incorporate the practices and qualities of Self Love and Self Care and Mindfulness into our daily lives.
  • To make Goddess in all of Her forms accessible by providing well-researched information on Goddess Spirituality, Goddess Myths, correspondences and ritual practices, as well as ways to connect in modern day.
  • To give opportunities for Women and those interested in Goddess Spirituality to connect with Teachers and explore the Divine Feminine in all aspects of their lives.
  • To inspire Women to create their own rituals, prayers and poems for Goddess and gather with other women of like-mind.
  • To laugh, sing, dance, share stories, validate each other, blossom, and reach for the stars all in Her name.
  • To plant the Seeds of Goddess throughout the world.

**While many of our offerings are directed to women, all are welcome.

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Under the temple dome of the The MotherHouse of the Goddess, there are several areas to explore:

Through our online platform, Mystery School of the Goddess, we have offerings for Sacred Feminine Studies, Wisdom Practices, Shamanism, and the Healing Arts. Many of the courses are self study, allowing you to complete them at your own pace. There are frequent free community offerings as well. Our instructors are varied and well-qualified with academic and strong experiential backgrounds. New courses are released monthly. Beginning Summer 2015, Priestesses will be offering Goddess Moon Rituals via live video stream at the New and Full Moons.

Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore, Priestess and Founder of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. The show focuses on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today. Priestesses, Practitioners, Healers, and Shamans join us to discuss their practices, spiritual paths, and experiences. Every month, we hold an online meditation to connect with Goddess energy just prior to the Full Moon and New Moon in our Goddess Moon Meditations.

In MotherHouse Goddess Shop, we share links to our favorite and recommended Goddess Artisans, Creators, and products that enhance and evolve your Goddess practice. Some of our recommended vendors include Daughters of Isis, Margaret Ann Lembo, Constance Tippett (Goddess Timeline), Brandi Auset (Red), Flash Silvermoon, and more. Goddess Blessings bags are the newest items and offer curated kits attuning to a particular Goddess and providing a multi-sensory focal point for your practice. Included in the blessing bags are unique essential oil blends from Daughters of Isis, hand-picked crystals, incense, and candles.

Places to begin your exploration:

~ Goddess Portal Index – provides articles, links and resources for Goddesses and includes Living Mythology, Ancient Wisdom and Goddess Practices to deepen and enhance your connection and facilitate your study.

~ Rhythms of the Goddess Seasonal Journal is our gift to subscribers to the MotherHouse email list.  A new edition is available a week or two prior to Solstices and Equinoxes.

Meet the Contributors and Teachers for the MotherHouse of the Goddess


For more information, please contact us to set up an email correspondence or call.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to connecting with you!

Read More about Priestess and Founder – Kimberly Moore


Goddess worship is a form of spiritual and religious devotion that venerates the Goddess as the Creatrix of the Universe.  It is a feminine-centric form of worship and may be polytheistic and nature-based.  Groups that consider themselves Goddess Worshipers are usually comprised of women and their study is focused on the Divine Feminine.  Most Goddess Worshipers do not disbelieve the existence of God; they simply believe that the Goddess is the supreme deity of the Universe or Co-Creator of the universe.  Goddess Worship may be considered exclusively Pagan or non-Christian, but it is worthwhile to note that Goddess worship is present in Christianity in the devotion to the Mother Mary and in all “major” world religions in some form.




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  1. Ron Leming says:

    Not all of us who worship the Goddess are female. Just thought that should be said. Otherwise, you’re my kind of people.

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      Thank you, Ron and certainly – not all those who worship are female. We just tend to have a bit more for the women here but you are always welcome! 🙂

  2. Ann Hardman says:

    I am unable to open the class page.

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      ANN! Thank you so much for the note! I checked and there was a wordpress error which I would not have seen for another day or two! All good now and thanks again!

  3. Anonymous male says:

    Just a note to thank you for your inspirational website. Like Ron Leming, whose comment appears above, I really appreciate your site. I find Goddess spirituality to be intellectually challenging and satisfying, spiritually liberating and emotionally uplifting.

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      THANK YOU for your comment and you are soooooo very welcome in our space! xo

  4. Madhu Agrawal says:

    I came to know about your website through, today and now , I belong to India where Mother is worshipped in all of her forms, loving , nurturing, powerful, and destroyer too, Thanks for dedicating to the power of Mother , the goddess.


  1. […] on as contributors – and the Goddesses are dancing.  You are invited to find out more about the plans for The MotherHouse of the Goddess and I can’t wait to see you there!  I will also be leading Full Moon Women’s Groups […]

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