Mystery School of the Goddess March Update – New Courses!

“And that is just the point… how the world, moist and beautiful, calls to each of us to make a new and serious response. That’s the big question, the one the world throws at you every morning. “Here you are, alive. Would you like to make a comment?” ~ Mary Oliver

March is a month of renewal; the first month that we can see winter beginning to loose its polar clutch here in the Northern Hemisphere. The light is growing, the birds and buds are emerging, and while we cannot claim full Spring, we can certainly see the “almost”. I think of it is a promise, the Spring Maiden is whistling from the other side of the hill; Kore will ascend from the Underworld and renew herself in the love of her Mother; the blooming Goddesses will burst into color. Our world will fill with more light, more warmth, and the promise of Goddess in her cycle will be fulfilled.

How are you embracing the renewal of March? After winter, after the eclipses of February, what are you ready to leave on the winter tundra so that you may fully step into clarity and purpose for the season of Spring? How may we bring you more light, more warmth, and more opportunity for growth?

For your Spring, I wish you the grace of focus, the passion of direction, and the bliss of BEING!

Kimberly Moore
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Mystery School of the Goddess News and Updates

There are new courses that are starting and some that are perfect for the season listed below. Please check back frequently as we have new events and offerings regularly! Meeting the Dark Goddess is closing by Spring Equinox and will not be offered again until next Fall.

Maura Torkildson is a new instructor with an incredible breadth of offerings with the Inner Tree Series of courses. The bundle also includes private coaching with Maura. For those that have thought their intuition is broken, the Inner Tree courses are valuable practices for embodying intuition and emotions, enhancing intuition, and working closely with an experienced Practitioner and Priestess.

I am also delighted to announce that Audrey Alison has joined as an instructor and her first magical offering will be coming at the end of March. Audrey has an amazing background in Tarot and Astrology and you can connect further from links on her Instructor page.

Are there courses or topics that you would like to see us cover? Leave a comment!

New Courses & Courses Starting Soon

Spring Sadhana with Ganesha, the elephant-headed God with ME and Brandi Auset (starts 3/8)

The School of Enchanted Business with Renee Starr (starts 3/25)

Anointed – the Sacred Art of Mystical Aromatherapy Certification Course with Renee Starr (starts 3/31)

Goddess Magic Circle with Molly Remer (starts 5/5 – register now)

Inner Tree Series of Intuition Courses with Private Coaching by Maura Torkildson (now open)

Voices from the Red Tent with Molly Remer

Tantric Goddess New Moon Rituals with Laura Amazzone (live New Moon ritual and study)


Inspiring Renewal

Kwan Yin Revealed with Sandy Boucher and Kimberly Moore (Kwan Yin’s birthday is 3/16)

Awaken with Gail Jessen (join anytime)

Writing the Intuitive Spirit with Brandi Auset (join anytime)

The Magical Elements of Writing with Eila Kundri Carrico (includes coaching with Eila!)

Energy Clearing Course with Sylvia Brallier

The Mysteries of the Yoginis with Laura Amazzone


New Free Offerings

Sacred and Wise Free Course with Charlotte Elea

Manifest with the Moon Free Course with Gail Jessen

Goddess Studies and Ritual Free Online Course with Molly Remer

Voices from the Red Tent with Molly Remer

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