Honoring the Goddess Aphrodite on Her February Feast Day

Leave Crete, Come here, Come to the holy place
Come to the sacred grove.
Your altars are smoking with incense.
Cold water sings through the fruited trees,
Everything is shaded under the bower of roses
And from the shimmering radiance of leaves,
an enchanted sleep drops down.
Here is a meadow of spring flowers where horses graze
and a soft wind gently breaths.
Come Aphrodite, pour your nectar into our golden cups
In grace make the libation, bring your Melissaes to life.
~ Layne Redmond, Invoking Aphrodite

February is LOVE month and also includes an ancient Feast Day on February 6 to the Goddess Aphrodite. How can we resist (or why would we want to?) the golden charms of the grace of Aphrodite?

Shimmering, sparkling, sassy GOLD. Aphrodite brings her golden grace to our lives, lighting our passions, invoking wonder, and casting a lovely glow around everything. Life through an Aphrodite lens makes everything brighter, more beautiful, more wondrous, and Her laughter is intoxicating as she says, “Be present NOW!”.

Few among the Gods or humans are immune to the charms and energy of Aphrodite. It is a grave mistake to think of Aphrodite simply as the Goddess of beauty and sexuality. Her reach is far more encompassing and complicated. She is Creatrix, spreading Her golden magic throughout all that gives us life, love, bliss, and union. Her power begins as the source of all reproductive energy in the Universe and manifests in flowers, fruits, passionate love. She is the warmth of life and the bringer of life.

She is the supreme Evocateur and revels in that which is sensual, life-affirming, magickal, and erotic. The shadow side of this Bright Mistress is Her fleeting nature. When we have something that is wonderful and gives breath to our being, we want to keep it, hang onto it at any cost. And that is anathema to Aphrodite. She does not sustain relationships; She is bliss and a moment of union that we treasure until we can experience it again. If all in life was blissful, could we appreciate bliss? When Aphrodite moves through our lives, we experience heights of pleasure, love, joy. As She inevitably moves on, feelings of regret, anger, jealousy, revenge may appear in Her wake. Don’t forget that one of Her favorite consorts is the God of War – Ares.

So, how do we survive Aphrodite? By being present in our lives now. Give gratitude each day. Appreciate the moments that enliven us, make us laugh, make us love. Recognize when a relationship is good for you and when it may be time to release one. Know that She will always come back. One of Her great lessons is self-sufficiency – She lives IN us, not outside of us. Aphrodite is related to Clotho, the Spinning Sister of the Fates. Her golden thread is woven into each of our lives and we will not find it outside of us, we will only find it within. Be present. Now. And laugh with Aphrodite. What makes you feel blissful? What is life-affirming? Recognize the beauty surrounding you. Seek it out. Spend time around things that evoke wonder and joy in you. This does not have to be another person – museums, art work, theater, gardens, wild nature – find your bliss and embrace it, knowing that it is the thread of Aphrodite that is part of your soul.
Build a golden altar to your passion and invoke Aphrodite as your Muse.

Join me and Brandi Auset for the free, monthly Goddess Full Moon Group that is celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite for the Full Moon for February.

Golden blessings for your week!


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Goddess Crystals for Aphrodite: Aragonite, Aquamarine, Copper, Gold Dust, Gold Sheen Aura Crystals


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