Goddess Feast Days and Celebrations for February 2017

“The Sun’s path has returned to where it was at Samhain. Take some time to notice the quality of the light, for it is the same now as that shimmering magical glow of late October. But instead of the season of dark and silence before us, in the Northern Hemisphere, the season of light and growth lies ahead. And so we prepare ourselves with rites of renewal, cleansing, and commitment. We celebrate the first stirrings of Spring.”Beth Owl’s Daughter, “The Days of Imbolc”

February is a packed Goddess month, full of feast days and celebrations honoring incredible Goddesses like Saraswati, Brigid, OYA, and Aphrodite! These Goddesses of Power, Passion, and Purpose can infuse our practices, inspire our creativity, and give us a potent center of purpose.

Imbolc is the quickening of the Goddess as she prepares to cast off Winter and prepare for renewal. Think of a seed deep within Gaia, the promise of new growth. This is the time when those seeds are preparing to burst and eventually bloom into the fertility of Spring. The light grows as well, pulling us steadily out of the darkness of winter. We know Spring is coming even as we remain deep in the womb of Goddess.

As well, February is an eclipse month this year with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 10 and a New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26. Eclipses bring sudden endings AND beginnings. These particular eclipses will also be highlighting the theme of balance – our needs versus our wants, our physical health versus our mental health. Jupiter turns retrograde on February 5 and that may affect our lack and luck mentality. Stay tuned to MotherHouse of the Goddess Astrology updates from Mary Lomando for more information.

Consider February a final “Spring” cleaning that is preparing us for the NEW of Spring Equinox in March. Think about what is working for you and what needs to be released. Time to review and adjust your intentions for the year and prepare to make positive use of the fertility of the Equinox! Working with Ganesha to start a Spring Clean is a great way to set intentions for the powerful, upcoming Equinox.

Are you ready to commit to your own power, passion, and purpose? We are here to support you in your journey! What courses and offerings support your intentions for 2017? This is a wonderful time to undertake new studies (Saraswati is all about that!) and to grow new connections and practices.

This season is a wonderful time to sync with the inspiration of Goddess and start a new course of study. Think of it as your own personal quickening and an opportunity to nurture the seeds within you.

Are you ready to light your fires? Time to embrace renewal and growth!

Spring is coming no matter what the groundhog says!

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February 1 – Vasant Panchami – Goddess Saraswati’s Feast Day

February 1 – Brigid’s Day

February 1 – Feast of Nut (see articles on the Goddess Nut)

February 1 – 2 – Pagan Holiday of Imbolc/Candlemas

February 2 – Goddess and Orisha OYA Lukumi/Santeria Feast Day

February 2 – Goddess and Orisha Yemoja Candomble Feast Day (see articles on the Orisha Goddess Yemaya/Yemoja)

February 6 – Aphrodite Feast Day (see articles on the Goddess Aphrodite)

February 10 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

February 11 – Goddess Full Moon Group online Celebrating Aphrodite

February 11 – Tu B’Shevat – Jewish Festival of Trees

February 11 – Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes

February 12 – Festival of the Goddess Diana of the Wild (see articles on the Goddess Diana)

February 13 – International Self Love Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 15 – Nirvana Day – Mahayana Buddhist Festival – Anniversary of the death of Buddha

February 17 – Maha Shivaratri – celebration of the convergence of Shiva and Shakti

February 26 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces (see Tantric New Moon Goddess Rituals with Laura Amazzone)

February 26 – Day of Hygeia – Goddess of Health

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