Astrology Update – New Moon in Aquarius January 2017 {Mary Lomando}

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This first New Moon of 2017 occurs January 27th at 9 degrees Aquarius and also coincides with Chinese New Year ( Jan 28th), the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster year symbolizes honesty, moral fortitude, and fidelity. This is a year for pursuing your long held dreams and having faith to stay the course, no matter how challenging.

All New Moons are new beginnings, and Aquarius signifies the importance of community, collaboration and “group “consciousness. The U.S. is a Cancerian country (born on the 4th of July) with Moon in Aquarius.  We have just gone through a week of protests and demonstrations amidst all the inaugural pomp and ceremony. Freedom gives us the right to choose our leaders, but we also have the responsibility for our choices. No matter what our political bent, this is not a time for divisiveness, but for working together to address the system’s flaws.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL is the Aquarian theme. Breaking through the old paradigms of war, hate, and genocide can only be accomplished by a new wave of  “enlightened thinking” (Aquarius), but this is not as easy as it sounds.  Freedom should never be taken for granted; we need to keep our minds and hearts open.  Politicians do not create governments; people do. Stand up for what you believe; but allow others to do the same.

With this Aquarius New Moon, humanity is learning the karmic lessons of balancing Heart and Intellect; personal power with group mind.

We are entering a point of critical mass balancing lessons going back to Atlantis, when the “revolutionizing” of human consciousness which began in the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago. The Human-headed Lion Sphinx of Giza is a major portal, or stargate, that connects us, not only to our Atlantean heritage, but to our possible futures.  

The sign Aquarius is the “Water Bearer” of the zodiac, but what he pours is not liquid, but energy. We receive the “elixir of the gods” as electromagnetic frequency.  Our brains get “amped up”, and new neuronal pathways open up. This connection for the ancient Egyptian initiates was obvious. The brain and the heart must be connected (Leo and Aquarius) for enlightenment to occur.  The Aquarian vessel contains the “water of life” of cosmic consciousness. The “great work” of true alchemy is to find the divine seed within us and nurture it with the light.

We are already shifting into a New Age of Light, but the transmutation process is not an easy one. We are living through global revolutions, economic collapse; trials by fire, wind, and water; but the core of enlightened consciousness remains intact. We, humans, are responsible for the New Earth we are creating. Let us do it through Love, Wisdom and Cooperation.


The Aquarian  New Moon is an air sign which symbolizes intuition and perception.  Aquarius is the sign of the progressive thinker, the bohemian artist, the political reformer, as well as the scientist, the astrologer, the computer whiz, and closet rebel. If you have the Moon in Aquarius, this is your personal New Moon. Aquarians are usually very cool, calm and collected personalities, which make them very interesting to other people. They can also be great humanitarians working for a cause or philosophy, whether it is in the arts or sciences.

Famous Moon in Aquarius personalities: John Lennon, Lady Diana Spencer, and John F Kennedy, Jr. Although they are “group minded” with a diverse array of friends, Aquarians often prefer to be alone.  You can usually find them working alone, but in the midst of a crowded, bohemian coffee shop.

The Moon in Aquarius heightens our intuitive abilities. It’s a great time for an astrology reading, reiki or energy work.

If you have any planets in early degrees of Aquarius (or Aquarius rising in your birth chart), you will also be affected by this New Moon.  You are more receptive to receiving (or giving) information on a body/mind/spirit level. Your inner radar is working at plus ten! Trust your inner voice at this time.  We all have a soul purpose, and an authentic Self, which differs from what family, friends, or society have imprinted on us. Take a personal inventory; are you following your own path?  We all have responsibilities and duties in life, but self -expression does not necessarily have to be stifled in order to take care of them. Voicing your opinion and taking a stand on something that you believe in can make a difference in the world around you. (Just be sure to allow others the same privilege).

Creativity comes in many forms. Dare to be different. We don’t all have to be successful artists, but volunteering your time and energy to a worthy cause is a rather unique way to share your talents with others. In this age of technology, our thoughts and ideas can be transmitted globally in a matter of seconds; it is important to remember that “with knowledge comes power AND responsibility”.  

The New Moon is a great time to set goals for the future and to expand your vision.  Aquarius is all about evolution.  This is the time to move past fear, break free of old limiting beliefs and breathe new life into your cells.  The message of this New Moon in Aquarius is “Know Thyself”.

Goddess Nut


HISTORICALLY SPEAKING:  Goddess Nut /Dendera Temple
In ancient Egypt, the sign Aquarius was associated with the Sky Goddess Nut, whose body arches over earth to form the vault of heaven and the heart of the Milky Way. In the hieroglyphic system, the sacred water jar was the symbol of the Goddess Nut, as well as the feminine principle. This key symbol, the sacred vessel, represents the womb of the Great Mother, the Grail of cosmic consciousness.  

Inside her chapel at Dendera Temple, the ancient Egyptian New Year was celebrated as the star Sirius rose in the heavens. It was a time of renewal, hope and optimism that the Great Goddess would bestow her blessings on the land through the abundance of the life-giving Nile.  If Isis is the World Mother, then Nut is our Star Mother. Like the Star card in the Tarot deck, she gives us hope for the future. She is the harbinger of the New Age of Aquarius.  A new world is being born.

Blessings, Mary

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