Online Course New Year Special! 25 Courses under $25

Happy New Year!

New Year ~ New Intentions ~ New Journeys!

Get a jump start for the New Year and check out some of our online offerings and courses that align with your intentions and budget for 2017!

How are you creating the life that you want to live in the New Year? This is the time of planting seeds, dreaming and visioning, working with annual cycles to invite new growth in the coming Spring.

Start now to breathe life into your visions!

Mystery School of the Goddess, Seeking Bliss Online, and our instructors are delighted to bring you support for the manifestations that you are birthing in the New Year!

Wishing you all the Blessings of 2017!
Kimberly Moore
Founder & Priestess
Seeking Bliss EveryDay
Mystery School of the Goddess
MotherHouse of the Goddess

25 Courses under $25

  1. Authentic Freedom Weekly with Lauri Ann Lumby
  2. Book of Life Divination Practice with Lauri Ann Lumby
  3. Calling Down the Stars – Celestial Magic with Renee Starr
  4. Chakra Meditations with Brandi Auset
  5. Daily Tarot with Charlotte Elea
  6. Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde
  7. Enchanted – The Magic of the Orisha Goddess Oshun with Brandi Auset
  8. Fire Magic Spells of the Goddess with Renee Starr
  9. Flow – The Waters of Yemaya with Brandi Auset
  10. Healing with the Tarot with Charlotte Elea
  11. How to Use Moondalas and Moonwheels with Molly Remer
  12. Lakshmi Blessings with Kimberly Moore
  13. Letting Go – An Activation with Tarot with Charlotte Elea
  14. Living Wild Monthly Almanac with Renee Starr
  15. Love Magic Spells of the Goddess with Renee Starr
  16. Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice with Kimberly Moore
  17. Matangi – Tantric Goddess of Creative Power with Laura Amazzone
  18. Plant Magic of the Moon with Renee Starr
  19. Sacred Scent and the Art of Anointing with Tara Reynolds
  20. Shadow Work with the Tarot with Charlotte Elea
  21. The Elemental You with Brandi Auset
  22. The Sensual Self with Brandi Auset
  23. Trinket Oracle Beginner’s Guide with Molly Remer
  24. Writing the Goddess with Kimberly Moore
  25. Writing the Wild Heart with Brandi Auset

Courses Recently Added / Starting Soon

Aphrodite’s Kiss – Goddess Activation Course with Brandi Auset

Invoking the Love Goddesses with Brandi Auset

Transform: The Power of OYA with Brandi Auset

Women’s Dark Moon Incense Ritual with Lilith, Goddess of Power with Renee Starr

Women Who Write with the Moon – Lunar Creativity with Renee Starr

To see all of the new and current courses, please visit our course listings at Check back frequently as we have new offerings being added weekly.


PLEASE NOTE: We have some changes occurring with Mystery School of the Goddess in January 2017. Our online platform will be changing its URL to All course content and offerings will remain the same and Mystery School of the Goddess will remain a vital school under the new Seeking Bliss umbrella. Our offerings will be expanding into areas of wellness, nutrition, business, and more. We are thrilled and crossing fingers that this will be achieved seamlessly. Emails will be sent out by the end of January so keep an eye out as we expand into 2017! THANK YOU!

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