Sacred Readings with Ronna Detrick {Goddess Gift Guide}

My deepest love is retelling, reimagining, and redeeming the ancient, sacred stories of women. Stories that have been so deeply buried under dogma and doctrine that if heard at all, they are usually deemed irrelevant or completely disregarded. This breaks my heart. Eve. Hagar. Lot’s Wife. The Woman at the Well. Mary. The list goes on and on.

Here’s what is true: These women are the matrilineal line from which we descend. Their stories and voices still speak, still offer profound wisdom, still and always companion, strengthen, and transform. I promise.

With my own deck of cards in hand and you in heart, I trust and know that the She who appears will speak beautifully, powerfully, and perfectly into your life and the year ahead.

Your SacredReading includes:

  • A personalized 10-12 page .pdf filled with truths to ponder, questions to ask, themes to invite – all of which offer awareness and grace. Ways of being in life, work, relationships that make everything far deeper and more meaningful − and yes, YES. . . more sacred.
  • A unique and powerful blessing She speaks on your behalf to cherish as secret message, mantra, and prayer for the year ahead.
  • Practical ways in which to incorporate Her story into your day-in, day-out life. Journaling exercises and prompts. Reflections. More.

Overflowing with Sacred Wisdom for 2017, along with encouragement, perspective, and hope.

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