MotherRoot – The Depths of Her Soul – Winter Digest 2016

Welcome to MotherRoot Winter!

This evening is the “dark moon” of the year. It is the night that invites us to explore the depths of the Soul of Goddess and our Selves as well. We turn to the Goddesses of Winter who are contracting in preparation for the expansion of new growth in the Spring. The Goddesses who are about to birth the Sun/Son. And the Crones who stand watch, poking at the coals of the hearth fire, lighting the flame of our deepest wisdom.

How are you preparing? Are you contracting in order to expand? What is the process that you are undertaking to create the life you want to live in the new calendar year.

Tonight and in the next few days, spend some time in the depths. Plant your seeds, your intentions. This is the dark of our Magic Making souls.

In the holiday chaos, take some time to honor the depths. Extra meditation, extra breathwork, more sleep, more YOU.

I am so excited about the good stuff coming in 2017 … Happy Solstice and Happy New Year! Thank you for being present with MotherHouse!

Blessings for the Solstice and the Season!
Priestess and Founder of MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess

Your gift for MotherRoot Winter is a free eCourse – Nourished Winter with Kimberly. Scroll below for more info and a link to sign up! 

Winter Solstice Tidbits for the Goddess Isis by M. Isidora Forrest

Selena Fox on Winter Solstice Goddesses & Celebrations from Goddess Alive Radio Archives

Winter Solstice Reflections on An Cailleach by Amantha Murphy

Goddess Feast Days & Updates for December

Dark Goddess Reading List

What the Goddess Brigit Means for Women & Men Today by Mael Brigde

Light and Darkness of the Goddess by Carol P. Christ

Ways to Welcome the Magic of Winter by Kimberly Moore

The Tradition of the Yule Log by Susan Morgaine

Visioning 2017 – Creating a New Year of Power and Purpose by Kimberly Moore

What is Winter Solstice? by Susan Harper

Winter Solstice Invocation by Judith Laura

Goddess Signs – Capricorn and the Spinning Wheel by Julie Loar

Winter – A Poem by Janine Canan

Tom Kha Gai Soup from The Hungry Goddess

Tom Kha Gai – Thai Coconut Chicken Soup by The Hungry Goddess (this is a great immunity booster and a curing soup!

Fall Cleansing by Wendy Vigdor-Hess

Spicy Chicken, Mung Bean, & Chickpea Stew by The Hungry Goddess

Cough Relieving Thyme Tea Remedy by Kim Hageman

You are invited to step mindfully, joyfully into the winter season. Wrap yourself in the cozy, the warm, the wholistic practices offered. Allow the prompts to guide and inspire you. Channel your inner hungry goddess to create recipes that nourish and sustain. Embrace the act of consciously creating a life that nourishes you. The hearth fires are lit and we gather in community to invoke light and laughter as the depths of winter surround us!

Sign up for Nourished Winter

Nourished Winter is a free online offering from Kimberly F. Moore – Priestess and Founder of MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess. It is a series of prompts, practices, and recipes to embrace winter, chase away the seasonal blues, and commit to sacred self care in the deepest, darkest season. Sync mind, body, and spirit as we explore the inner and outer delights of winter. Bring your journal and a commitment to experiencing a winter of wellness!

NEW YEAR BONUS – included with Nourished Winter is Visioning 2017, six additional activities to sync/sink into planning a New Year of power and purpose that will be received on sign up.

Connect with us for the Moons!

Goddess Full Moon Group with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore –January Goddess is the Orisha Oya

Live New Moon Online Rituals with Laura Amazzone – Celebrating the Goddess Parvati for December New Moon

Courses to Start the New Year

Authentic Freedom Weekly with Lauri Ann Lumby

A Year of Goddess with Brandi Auset

A Year of Sacred Living with Kimberly Moore

Calamoondala 2017 with Molly Remer

Goddess EveryDay with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore

Living Wild Monthly Almanac with Renee Starr (January Issue releases 12/20/16)

Nourished Winter with Kimberly Moore

Priestessing 1 – Essentials for Personal Ritual with Anne Key

Tarot Insight with Charlotte Elea

Syncing with the Season

Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde

How to Use Moondalas and Moonwheels with Molly Remer

Meeting the Dark Goddess with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore

Priestessing 1 – Essentials of Personal Ritual with Anne Key

Stepping into Brigid – Goddess Activation Course with Mael Brigde

The Creative Spirit Circle Community with Molly Remer

Transform with the Tarot – Shadow Work, Healing, and Letting Go with Charlotte Elea

Weaving the Protection of Brighid with Jude Lally

Women Who Write with the Moon – Lunar Creativity with Renee Starr

See ALL of the Winter Course Updates on Mystery School of the Goddess

MotherRoot is seasonal myth and magic, sacred inspiration that taps our roots, the soul seeds of magic and wisdom that we carry within us. Dive into the chosen articles, recipes, and magic-making practices to see what resonates, what evokes re-membrance. Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, is at the root of it all and MotherRoot seeks to make everyday a conscious step on the divine path back to source.

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