Tarot of the Spirit – Free Readings by Pamela Eakins {Goddess Gift Guide}


The classic go-to Tarot.


Officially endorsed by Rachel Pollack, Brian Swimme, James Wanless, Angeles Arrien, Mary Greer, Gareth Knight, U.S. Games, Samuel Weiser, and many more.

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Anciently of the Clan Eakins of the Isle of Skye, Pamela Eakins is a scribe, poet, professor, mediator and peacemaker. She has taught at the University of Colorado and Stanford University.  She holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Pamela is the author of The Lightning Papers; Wild Voracious LOVE, Heart, Breath, & Graceful Movement; Tarot of the Spirit; Priestess; Passages for a Spiritual Birth; The American Way of Birth and Mothers in Transition.

Her mission is social change through the one true path—Love.  Her joy is writing and teaching writing, transformational symbology, and the evolution of consciousness.

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