Daughters of Isis Essential Oil Blends and Ancestor Aromachologie {Goddess Gift Guide}

Daughters of Isis, inc. is a genuine small business dedicated to a ‘hands on’ relationship with our creations so we can provide individual oriented customer care. All of our collections are formulated using Indigenous scents (essential oils) to produce a specific quality of mind, the tool we use to recognize the insights our Ancestors left us to face the moment at hand.

Flower essence companions provide the bridge into the Unseen / Unknown side of life from the quantum / spiritual perspective… an opening up of our extra sensuality and connecting us tangibly with our Ancestors.

Local sustainability, tied to a planetary consciousness / technology connective, where trade is created and enables larger social knowledge of one another within an environmentally healthy system: a new Mother Earth… this is the promise of the Age of Aquarius. The Ascension of humanity.

~ Gwendolyn Barry ~ Owner and Blender


House Blessing 4oz mist

Using herbs, roots, flowers and resins traditionally known to make sacred space, to cleanse unwanted or undesired feelings into an environment and to ensure loving, safe and generous feelings anchor within a space / place.

Archangel Michael 4oz mist

A Divine spark of righting a wrong blended with sweetgrass, jasmine, ylang ylang, cassia and clove. [Candle work – red / twin flame work / paired with El Morya – blue candle.] Archangel Michael Oil assists communion with these qualities: firmness of faith, perception of your future.

Swan 2oz mist

Medicine of inner beauty.

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