Astrology Update – Full Moon in Aries October 16 & Meditation for Sekhmet {Mary Lomando}

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I hope you are all enjoying the mid-Fall season after the busy astrological month of September. This will be my last newsletter before our group leaves for Egypt in November, but stay tuned for more updates and photos I will be posting from Egypt on Facebook.  In the meantime, I will be scheduling astrology appointments until the end of October and beginning December 3.



This Full Moon falls in the signs of Aries/Libra. (Sun in Libra with the Full Moon in the opposite sign of Aries). This is also a Super Moon, which highlights and heightens our perceptions (for better or worse) of the world around us. Aries is the first fire sign, as well as the first sign of the zodiac. On the personality level, it is where we begin to “individuate” and stretch our egos.  In this New Age, we are learning to balance our male/female sides. The 2,000 year old patriarchal paradigm of “might is right”, whether in the guise of political fascism, religious fanaticism, or relationship dysfunction is coming to an end; but in true Aries fashion, it will not bow out quietly.  One just has to note that the male/female dynamics taking place in the current presidential election are of archetypal proportion!

On the heels of last month’s two eclipses, major changes are immanent; changes that push us out of our comfort zones and into areas that will test the courage of our convictions.  The September eclipses signaled that at least one cycle in our lives is coming to a close, and we will be feeling the “wave” of this energy for the next three to six months. The unknown often feels scary; however, like Lot’s wife, there is no turning back.

This is the time for blazing trails, discovering new potentials and making leaps of faith. This is not the time to play victim sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to “fix” or “save” us.  Whether in our political views, personal life, or spiritual philosophy, it takes real courage to break away from the pack and think for ourselves. In the ancient past, the Age of Aries meant conquering new territory through wars and aggression.  In our enlightened 21st Century, it means conquering our collective fears and having faith in our power to create a better world through peace and freedom.

Aries Woman


If your Sun sign is Aries, this is your personal Full Moon. Where the sign of Aries falls in your birth chart will tell which area (s) of life you are ready to plant new seeds; where you are feeling restless and where you want to make changes. The trick with Aries is to implement change without being reckless, impatient or scattered.

If your Sun sign is Aries, this is your personal Full Moon. It is a good time to actively participate in life, rather than sitting it out on the sidelines. Begin a new project, make plans for the future; have an adventure, but take some positive action.  Aries is NOT the sign of the procrastinator!  Where the sign of Aries falls in your birth chart will tell what area (s) of life you are willing to take some risks, or where you are feeling restless and want to see changes.  The trick with Aries is to implement change without being reckless, impatient or scattered.


During this Full Moon we have three major planets (Moon, Venus and Uranus) in the sign Aries.  It is time for women to take a stand in matters of freedom, equality, sex and power. Questions regarding the abuse of force and power will come up.  Whether it is in the arena of personal dysfunctional relationship, or global politics, the Age of the Bully is coming to a close.

Mars, the planet of power and brute force, joins with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn on October 19th and squares Uranus in in Aries on October 28th. This can be a very volatile combination

if power is not tempered with cooperation and diplomacy. Capricorn rules the Tyrant and Uranus rules the Rebel. Issues that will be in the news around these transits: the responsible use of power and resources in war…big business with power politics…. more severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Countries most affected by these aspects will be: England, Germany Syria, Palestine, India, Greece, Iran and Mexico.



The Lion-headed Goddess Sekmet represents the female power of Mars and Pluto. She is the Goddess of physical healing and psychological transmutation;  the women’s blood mysteries, which govern birth, life and death. The Aries Full Moon illuminates the mysteries of the committed warrior who is willing to stand for or fight for something they they feel is a just and worthy cause. Action is the Aries way. The lion- headed Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is a useful archetype for this principle. Primarily, Sekhmet is actively committed to upholding and maintaining the law of Mat (sacred cosmic law). The most common version of Sachet’s story describes her as the daughter of Ra, the feminine eye of the Sun, sent to Earth by Ra to restore balance and order among the people. She destroys the imbalance so something new can occur. Sekhmet is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, Sekhem, meaning “power”. Sekhmet carries the power to transform through action.

Find your inner sanctuary and relax. (You may want to take a cleansing bath beforehand).  Light a white and/or red candle. Find a comfortable position (sitting or lying down). Take a few deep breaths, letting go of any stress or body discomfort. You are safe and protected by your guides and angels, and only the Light may fill your presence.  You see yourself walking along a well-worn and familiar path leading you to the main gate of a Temple enclosure. The moon is high and full and casts a whitish glow over the temple. You can feel the energy and protection of your guides around you. It is a good feeling; you are home. A white-robed priestess awaits you inside the gate. She hands you a cone of frankincense and leads you to a large bronze door, which she slowly opens. The frankincense fills the room. As the smoke from the incense clears, you find yourself standing before a tall statue made of smooth black granite. It the image of Sekmet with her beautiful lion face and well-formed woman’s body. She wears the sun disc on her head as she is the daughter of the Sun God, Ra.  She carries a lotus staff in one hand and holds the key of life or ankh, in the other. She stands a full head taller than you, and her eyes look down upon your face.

You see your own reflection in her eyes.  You are safe here, but you cannot keep any secrets from her, for she can see deeply into your heart. Spend some time communing with her. She is here to help you cut the cords that bind you to the past. She can assist in releasing old hurts and betrayals .She can devour the past and assist you in shedding outworn layers of cellular memory. Sekmet knows the shamanic realms of magic and manifestation. Ask her for your heart’s desire; but know thyself!  As you prepare to leave, Sekmet offers you a gift. There is a small ruby heart lying at her feet; this is for you. You thank her and leave her presence. The white-robed priestess leads you back through the temple moonlight; back to your own time and space. You feel lighter and more peaceful after this journey. You are whole and in a sound state.



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    Hi Mary, I always look forward to your posts and enjoy the content. I am wondering about a reading and what you charge for one. Love and light Louise

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      HI Louise! Please contact Mary directly for her readings and rates. THANK YOU! (And they are wonderful!)

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    Perfect Meditation for this full moon Julia Caira

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    very good meditation, and visuals

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