New Moon in Libra – The Goddess Demeter and The Black Moon {Goddess Card Readings}


The New Moon in Libra occurs on Friday, September 30 at 8:11 pm eastern time. It is a rare “black moon”, a second New Moon in a month that evokes wildly powerful soul-changing lunar energies. The Libra New Moon lunation will culminate in a fiery Full Moon in Aries on October 16. Being in the sign of Libra, the new moon is bringing messages of balance, of our light and our shadow. The outer reflection of this lunation is being played out on the world stage as we grieve and rage over what seems like daily injustices. These shadows must be embraced as well. We must raise our voices not only for ourselves, but humanity, for what is right and just and fair – all energies of the scales of Libra.

Our Goddess stepping forward on this eve of the New Moon is the Greek Goddess Demeter. She is Goddess of Earth and Harvest, of the changing seasons, and we could not ask for a more apropos Goddess to ease us through the mighty transitions of this lunation. There are important lessons in the myth of Demeter, lessons about embracing our grief and our rage, about being IN our shadows, about how we must descend to rise, and also that no matter how dark we go. the light is waiting.

Demeter with Grain for Lammas

Mythically, Demeter represents the harvest of Earth, in particular, the season of Fall, but also personifies the changing of the seasons. She is the Mother of Persephone, the maiden Goddess Kore, who is abducted by the God of the Underworld, Hades. When Persephone is taken (around Fall Equinox annually), Demeter experiences deep grief and rage and wanders the world seeking her daughter. Her mourning is embodied in the seasonal changes of Autumn and Winter, she causes the Earth to die. In the Spring, Persephone is restored to her Mother, Demeter is joyful again, spring blooms, and all is “right” with earth.

Demeter adds to this powerful lunation with her story of grief and rage, mirroring for us that our darker emotions must come out. She is bringing dark moon, black moon potency right to the doorstep of our soul. She reminds us that our feelings, what we focus on, is what manifests. We must step into our shadows and do the internal work to achieve balance and to properly reflect our most focused and desired reality. If we ignore this call, stuff our grief and rage, we lose all sense of balance internally and externally. Death and chaos reign.

While the Earth appears to be dying, truly She is shedding the old that prevents future growth. In the same way, we are being called to identify the paradigms that keep us stuck in our own shitstorms, large and small. Embrace the grief, the rage, the acknowledgement that everything dies. The other side of that acknowledgement is that death is simply change to another state and inevitably the light returns.

Purge and prepare for the new.

Step into your shadows.

Adorn yourself in the emotions and the wild that you usually keep behind locked, psychic doors.

Howl at the Black Moon.

Burn shit, use the fire to cauterize your wounds.

Be fierce in laying waste to your obstacles and that which no longer aligns with your Soul.

And when you are empty, when it is all released, invite Goddess in to heal you. To light your soul again and again.

This is the balance of our shadow and light.

Blessings of the Black Moon to you …


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