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La Santa Muerte prayer card

Prayer cards are now available in the Tara Reynolds devotional art shop!

Do you prefer to recite your own personal prayers in honor of your deities? These prayer cards have a blank back for you to write your own prayers on them. Writing and reciting your own prayers adds meaning to your rituals and makes a bigger impact. We can always read what someone else wrote but reading something we wrote helps us to form a more solid connection with our deities.

This way you can choose a prayer card for your patron deity that someone else made but still add your own personal touch to it.

These allow you to express yourself creatively and have something that’s unique to you and your ritual practice. The prayer cards are meant to be placed on your altar but you can also keep them in other places where you’d like the energy of your deity to be.

Each card is cleansed with sage and infused with the energies of the particular deity.

Prayer cards

I suggest you do the same thing when you get yours and to also add your own personal energy and intentions into it. The paper on the back is made of thick, card-stock parchment paper. There’s plenty of room to write a lengthy prayer and you can also add other decorations, designs, sigils or symbols. These will be unique to you so decorate them however you like!

These prayer cards also make great gifts for other devotees or to coven members on sabbat or holiday celebrations.

The art on the front of the card is a print made from the original watercolor painting. All of the prints that are in the shop are printed on sturdy, matte photographic paper. To check out the selection of prayer cards currently available please click here.

Which deity would you like to see a painting or prayer card of next?

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