Om Shanti Om – Invoking Peace and Love through Mantra

OM Shanti OM Mantra Monday by Kimberly Moore MotherHouse of the Goddess

“A mantra is not just something to chant. It is not chanting. A mantra is something to let sink deep in your being, just as roots go deep into the earth. The deeper the roots go into the earth, the higher the tree will go into the sky.” – Osho

The past week (past month, past year) in the USA (in the world) has been emotional, heart-wrenching, confusing, rage inducing, and anything but peaceful. We have witnessed videos of intense graphic horror, death, retaliation, and what can be counted as the worst of us as a human race. And it has left all of us fractured. Divided. Unsure of what to say, what to do, and unsure of how to process all of the emotions.

Bad things are not going to stop happening in the world. Evil actions will be perpetrated by evil people. We are in labor, moving through the birth canal to bring new awareness, to transform hundreds of years of gender, patriarchal, and racial imbalances, and birth is painful. The greatest challenge is to not give up. To stay within our hearts. To stand with those who are suffering. To lift up victims and be their strength when they cannot go on.

Fear, grief, and rage are the “demons” that threaten to drown us, divide us, obliterate the light.

om shanti shanti shanti sanskritOM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

I begin my mornings by raising my voice, expanding my light, embracing consecrated intentions in mantra. My practice not only grounds me, shifts my energy and fear, but calls in light and love for all beings. Mantra creates sacred space through seed sounds. With light, peace, love, we fight back against the darkness. We acknowledge the divinity in each human life. We SEE each other. We invite love and keep our hearts open.

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As Osho says in the quote above, a mantra is something to allow to sink deep into your being. The opportunity with this practice is to become the mantra, to become the light and peace in action, and activate it all around you. OM Shanti OM is one of the most powerful and simple mantras. Chanting this mantra invokes peace and love and gives us a foundation to combat the dark.

OM is the primordial sound of the Universe – the vibration of creation in its most primal form. Chanting OM repeatedly could be a lifetime mantra practice. When added to other mantras, OM enhances and elevates them and invites the vibration of cosmic creation. It is a HOLY YES to the universe and all divine manifestations, especially our Inner Guru. OM clears the mind and energetic fields on its own as well as with other mantras. It is harmonic healing in action.

When chanting OM, feel it from your root chakra to beyond your crown chakra. Through your breath, allow OM to infuse your physical and subtle bodies. Vibrate with it and expand with it!

Shanti means “peace” in Sanskrit. By invoking Shanti, inviting peace into ourselves and being-ness, we are able to move into the world from a place of calm and peace. At the very least, chanting Om Shanti Om brings respite from feelings of chaos and anger.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti is also recited after many prayers as a way to seal the prayer, the intention, with peace.

Together, Om Shanti invokes peace for all creations. 

Om Shanti Om – four syllables that fortify us to go out into the world and be peace. Speak peace. Emanate peace.

Become an agent of change in a world that is screaming out for more love, more heart, more compassion, more humanity.

Blessings to you all!



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