MotherRoot Summer – June 2016 – The Fire of Her Soul

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Welcome to MotherRoot Summer – June 2016!

The Fire of Her Soul … Goddess is alive! She is movement, manifestation, passion, creation, light, and magic. Evidence of Her beauty and bounty surrounds us in the Northern Hemisphere and with Summer Solstice upon us, we celebrate the light of Goddess. She infuses us, stirs us, sustains us.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is tomorrow, June 20, and coincides powerfully with the Summer Solstice for the first time since 1967! Mary Lomando has a Full Moon update out and you can keep up with all of the cosmic dances through our Astrology Updates on MotherHouse.

Your free gift for MotherRoot June is free entry to the course Lakshmi Blessings with me. Scroll below to sign in for free.It is my gift to all of you in thanks for your presence and community. Plus, we all need some Lakshmi LUCK and abundance!

pulse OrlandoMotherRoot was supposed to come out last Sunday but in light of the tragedy in Orlando, I chose to save it for this weekend. My heart, my energy, my prayers go out every single day for the LGBTQ community in Orlando and throughout the world. There are no words to express my sadness, so I am simply opening my heart and sending love every morning. Love always wins. Always.

After the media flurry, the LGBTQ community will still need our love, support, and presence. Support comes in many forms: donations, sharing information via social media, volunteering locally, and whatever we can do to attempt to restore safe, loving space for them to mourn and heal. Equality Florida has some great resources and ways to assist.
My summer is going to be filled with some big transitions. I am moving from South Florida back to Delaware where I was born and raised. Bear with me for July and August as I head back to the land of four seasons. My family and close friends are there, as well as an amazing community of women.Hooray!

I am welcoming contributors for MotherHouse of the Goddess blog. If you are interested, here is more information.

As always, I stand in gratitude for your presence! If you received this twice, my apologies! I wanted to send it out to our Mystery School and Motherouse lists.

May the Fire of Her Soul Light the Way for You!
Priestess and Founder of MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess
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MotherRoots of Summer

The Goddess Amaterasu – Shining the Light of Your Beauty by Kimberly Moore

Summer/Sun Goddesses by Susan Morgaine

Eve – Mother of All the Living by Lauri Lumby

Lady of Light – Summer Solstice Goddesses by Susan Harper

Living the Mysteries of Sekhmet and Her Myth by Anne Key

The Goddess Aine Portal Page

Motherroot summer magic and practice

Ways to Welcome the Magic of Summer by Kimberly Moore

Traveling West to Meet the Sun by Brandi Auset

A Morning Ritual to the Goddess Isis by M. Isidora Forrest

Living in a Sacred Landscape by Jude Lally

Light and Darkness of the Goddess by Carol P. Christ

Yoga Journeys Series by Mary Petiet

Dragon Fruit and Mango Smoothie with Kiwi on the Hungry Goddess

Raspberry Revolution and a Cobbler Recipe by Molly Remer

Bliss Bowl Recipe for the Goddess Annapurna by Kimberly Moore

Baby Rhubarb and Israeli Couscous Porridge by Kim Hageman

Dragon Fruit Coconut Mango Smoothie with Kiwi by The Hungry Goddess

Lakshmi Blessings Kimberly Moore Mystery School of the Goddess

Kimberly Moore is the Founder of MotherHouse of the Goddess and Mystery School of the Goddess. She has been a Priestess for over 20 years.

For MotherRoot Summer, Kimberly is gifting her Lakshmi Blessings Course – click below and use coupon code: MOTHERROOT

**offer ends July 31, 2016

Sign Up Free to 22 Days to Bliss Shakti Womyn
Embodied within the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is everything that makes life sweet and wonderful.  She is abundance, sustenance, wealth, beauty, vitality, good fortune, and radiance. Through Her, we receive the luster of life that invigorates us and propels us forward in joy and happiness.  Shri Lakshmi is every form and expression of goodness in the Universe and if She were to turn her gorgeous face from us, the world would die.

In the Lakshmi Blessings Online Course, you will receive an infusion of Lakshmi through Her myths and stories; applications for the modern, sacred woman; sacred practices for attunement to Her blessings (including mala and mantra use); and resources to continue your connection and exploration.

JAI MAA! Blessings and Abundance to Everyone!

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MotherRoot Mother Wisdom

Save the Date

Goddess Full Moon Group for June and Summer Solstice is the Goddess Hera on June 20
Live New Moon Ritual with Laura Amazzone for July – The Goddess Ganges

Mystery School of the Goddess Offerings

Tarot Insight with Charlotte Elea

Daughters of the Sun with Brandi Auset

Joyful Yule (for the Northern Hemisphere) with Susan Harper

Meeting the Dark Goddess with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore

Fire Magic of the Goddess with Renee Starr

In the Lap of the Lioness – Goddess Sekhmet Course with Anne Key

Magdalene Priestess Training free preview with Lauri Lumby

Red Tent Initiation with Molly Remer

MotherRoot Summer Root Practice

Essential Oils, Sprays, Powders, Incense from Daughters of Isis

Goddess Mists, Crystals, and Yoni Eggs from Red Wholistic

Organic Bath and Body Products from Murphy’s Essentials

Custom Jewelry, Malas, and Crystal Bracelets from Ampl Creations

Jewelry, Malas, Amulets from Sacred Symbol Studios

Summer Reading

Kim Hageman has been doing some great book reviews on the blog! See more here

Goddess Mandala Coloring Book by Tara Reynolds

Goddesses of the Americas – Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine by Lydia Ruyle

Desert Priestess by Anne Key

PDF version: She Rises Like the Sun: Invocations of the Goddess by Contemporary American Women Poets



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