MotherRoot April – Shoot for the Stars! Magic and Practice for Your Month

MotherRoot April Shoot for the Stars MotherHouse of the Goddess

Welcome to MotherRoot for April 2016!

Our loose theme for this MotherRoot is the Cosmos, reaching for the stars, and syncing with La Luna. There is a lot of cosmic dancing occurring in the skies as planets are stationing retrograde and, of course, as the Moon and Sun move through the signs. Think of these retrogrades as opportunities to review, re-do in some cases, and reset your goals and heart’s desires. How can you shoot for the stars? Listen to the messages coming from the influence of the planets for cosmic guidance.

Spring has sprung (in some places) and don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge the manifestation of Goddess in the season, even the stormy bits.Earth Day is April 22 and we can honor Gaia through community service, spending time in nature, and making choices that sustain and support our incredible planet.

Your free gift for MotherRoot March is a pdf download with altar image on the Magic of the Goddess Nut by Renee Starr from You Are Woman, You Are Divine. She is the starry night sky that is the canopy above us. Our THANKS to Renee for sharing her inspirational Goddess art and designs!

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Magic and Practice MotherRoot April


Singing to Yemaya – Mother of Oceans
Connecting with Selene – How to Work a Void of Course Moon
The Isis of Our Dreams
Goddess Ix Chel Portal Page

April Magic and Practice

Goddess Gemspot: Divine Guidance from Selenite by Margaret Ann Lembo
New Moon Ceremony for Releasing Obstacles and Setting Intentions by Kimberly Moore
Ritual for Reclaiming the Name of the Goddess Isis by Susan Morgaine

Nourish the Temple

Triple Goddess Red Clover Infusionby Kim Hageman
Carrot and Leek Soup for Springfrom The Hungry Goddess
Goddess Oya’s Party Bowl by Kim Hageman

April Inspiration

i am lunatic by Kimberly Moore
Starting Over by Janine Canan

Nut Goddess of Balance YAWYAD Renee Starr for MotherRoot April

MotherRoot Free Gift by Renee Starr

Renee Starr, author of You Are Woman, You Are Divine and a Mystery School of the Goddess instructor is gifting a pdf on the The Magic of Nut excerpted from her book and online course! Sign into MotherRoot online to download

Bio: Renée Starr is a mythologist, moonologist, artist and life coach. A seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman, she offers her book, ‘You Are Woman, You Are Divine’ as a guide for the modern woman’s journey back to The Goddess, along with Goddess classes, workshops, circles and a variety of international retreats.

The You Are Woman, You Are Divine eCourse includes the book and companion journal!

Renee’s newest Mystery School of the Goddess offering is Calling Down the Stars – a mini course in Celestial Magic.

For more offerings from Renee, please visit:

MotherRoot April Cosmic GuidanceSave the Date

Goddess Full Moon Group for April – Green Tara on 4/21
Live New Moon Ritual with Laura Amazzone for May – The Goddess Lakshmi

New Mystery School of the Goddess Offerings

Seeking the Goddess – A Collection of Divine Feminine Wisdom (free)
Blessed Beltaine – Getting to Know the Sabbat with Susan Harper
Intimate Bliss with Priestess Brandi Auset and Tracy Givens
Calling Down the Stars – A Mini Course on Celestial Magic with Renee Starr
Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice with Kimberly Moore
Earthprayer with Molly Remer
Mother Mary – Meditations on Motherhood with Lauri Ann Lumby
Priestessing 1 – Essentials of Personal Ritual with Anne Key

Making Magic Header MotherRoot April

New Moon Ritual Kit from MH Goddess Shop

Wishing and Flying Dreams Kit from Daughters of Isis (includes dream dust!)

Ritual Intention Sprays from Red Wholistic

Goddess Ritual Candles from Renee Starr – Back to the Goddess

Bergamot and Vetiver Essential Oil Body Mist from Murphy’s Essentials

Goddess Mandala Coloring Book by Tara Reynolds

How to Create Sacred Water by Kathryn Ravenwood

Pick Your Inspiration – Hand-Stamped Cuff Bracelets from Ampl Creations

Goddess Mandala Coloring Book by Tara Reynolds 1

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