New Moon Ceremony for Releasing Obstacles and Setting Intentions {Kimberly F. Moore}

New Moon Ceremony for Releasing Obstacles and Setting Intentions MotherHouse of the Goddess

Do you know why I really love New Moons? Because it is the perfect time to burn shit.  And by burn shit, I mean releasing the old fears and patterns and habits that are smothering you and your creativity.

As we step into New Moon energy each month, we are moving from waning lunar energy (release) into waxing lunar energy (bring). We are RISING in the New Moon lunation (the time from one New Moon to the next New Moon). And that calls for a ceremony that helps you burn shit and release AND because we never release without filling that space, we plant, we invite new energies to replace the tired, worn excuses and fears.

Imagine, every month we get to hit the reset button; to start again; to invite new intentions and consecrate them for our divine pursuit of bliss! The energy changes each month according to the sign that the New Moon takes on, but this ceremony may be used anytime, and especially at the New Moon.

Gather crystals, essentials oils and mists, mala beads, cards for divination, fabric, Goddess images, symbols of your intentions, symbols that make you feel powerful and focused. Use these items to hone your intention setting and ceremony. Research what Goddesses align with your intentions or are your personal Goddesses.

New Moon Burning Shit Ceremony Meme

What you need for the New Moon Intention Ceremony (may be used for any New Moon):

  • A vessel in which you can burn shit like a censer, cauldron, firepit, or abalone shell
  • A place where you can safely burn shit without setting off the fire alarms
  • A gorgeous big, smelly, decorated, whatever-you-want-kind-of candle that represents NEW for you
  • 3 small tealight or votive candles
  • Paper and pens (colored pens make me happy)
  • Obstacles, fears, excuses, and shit
  • Intentions, Seeds, Hopes, Commitment, Wishes, and Love
  • Smudge, sage, resin, or incense
  • Things that make you feel magical, focused, and powerful – create a mini-altar with a statue, crystals, flowers, meaningful items that reflect your intentions
  • Music that lights you up (I added my Goddess playlist from Spotify)

Setting a New Moon Altar Kimberly F Moore MotherHouse of the Goddess

On the night of the Dark Moon or New Moon:

On the night of the New Moon, get yourself into a quiet and meditative space that allows for burning or do that portion outside and return inside to set your intentions.

Look over your journaling and notes and pick three intentions to seed within the next lunation. Create an altar to your intentions if you are moved to do so. This makes a great focal point for manifestation!

After you choose your intentions … those gorgeous little seedlings … I want you to right down on a piece of paper all the obstacles (real and imagined) to manifesting those intentions.

Light your charcoal or set fire to the obstacles and allow them to burn in your container. Watch them burn. Feel them LEAVE your energetic field.

Now, burn some smudge, Palo Santo, or incense to purify the space and make way for NEW.

Have a tealight or votive candle ready for each of your intentions as well as a larger center candle.  Write each intention on a piece of paper that will be placed under the smaller candles.

Breathe deeply … say a prayer … breathe more … call upon Goddess ~ God ~ Spirit Guides to assist you in seeding these intentions.

Speak each intention aloud and end with a positive affirmation like – it is SO … I will itSo be it

After speaking the intention aloud, light the small candle and place the paper underneath.  Do this for each intention, seed.

Sink into the moment.  Let the music carry you away.  Speak the intention – see the intentions – FEEL the intentions.

This is a good time for gratitude journaling, praying, chanting, breathing.

Finish and close with gratitude. Send blessings out to all you love, to your Guides, your Goddesses and Gods.

After, place the ashes from your burnt shit into moving water or sprinkled to the winds.  Let it GO.

Allow your small candles to burn out. Use the large candle for future meditations and intention manifesting as needed for those goals. Continue to “water” your seeds with meditation, focus, chanting. Adjust appropriate actions and ways to manifest throughout the lunation.

Renew them at each New Moon!

New Moon Ritual Kit from MotherHouse Goddess ShopResources for the New Moon:

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Ritual Intention Sprays from Red Wholistic

Goddess Guide by Brandi Auset is great for finding Goddesses to help with your intentions

MotherHouse’s monthly New Moon and Full Moon astrology updates tell you how the influence of the moon should “flavor” your ceremony.

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Choose a Mystery School of the Goddess Course to accomplish your goals

New Moon Blessings Meme MotherHouse of the Goddess


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