Cosmic Initiations and Setting Super Solar Eclipse Soaked New Moon Intentions

Cosmic Initiations and Super Solar Eclipse Soaked New Moon Intentions by Kimberly Moore MotherHouse of the Goddess

A spiritual teacher once told me that receiving an initiation, physical, spiritual, or both, was like driving full speed towards your karma. While you are basking in the glow of next level spiritual understanding, there is also the potential of feeling like a crash test dummy in your own life while the karma and experience settles. I feel the same way about eclipse seasons and some retrogrades. Depending on where they hit in your chart, you might get the full monty of cosmic initiation, accelerated karma, and the enlightened bliss lotto. Depending.

And so here we are on the brink of eclipse season which generally happens twice a year – in the Spring and in the Fall. Eclipse seasons can make Mercury Retrogrades look like a lark on a sunny day. There may be sudden endings and just as sudden beginnings. As my astrologer and dear friend, Mary Lomando, reminds, when something goes during eclipse season, LET IT GO. Hanging on to those departing energies, people, things, circumstances may have painful repercussions. Eclipses are also the closing of a 19 year cycle and beginning of a new cycle. Where were you 19 years ago?


March 8 is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse and we are under an eclipse warning, meaning that you may be currently experiencing eclipse symptoms and energies right now. I have been on a seesaw of  wild energetic fluctuations, Shakti bursts of creation mania, and miasmic Piscean brain fog. My emotions are teetering a bit as well and I can’t quite decide if I want to go Kali or kiss the world. It’s all a bit precarious. Since Mary is on her way to Egypt and it would be rude to ask her to cancel her trip to hold my hand for the next few weeks, I listed some stellar resources and tips. Plus, chocolate.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is in the sign of waterlogged, dreamy, emotional Pisces. Water signs are extreme challenges for me personally – that brain fog thing is frustrating, but I do love the wild romp of heightened dreamtime. The eclipse is in Pisces and so are Neptune, Chiron, Ceres and Mercury. Normally, we could count on jovial Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, but Jupiter is in retrograde, adding just one more loop in the endless loops. So, what do we do? Panic? Eat copious amounts of chocolate with Malbec chasers? Watch endless goats in pajamas videos?

We will do what WE do. We will open our hearts and settle in for the ride. We will welcome the the initiations, the blessings, and the karmic whiplash, knowing deep in our bones that this too shall pass. We will check panic at the door and look at everything through the lens of wonder and curiosity. We will drink lots of water and eat live, whole foods that will nourish and ground us. We will breathe and flow and chant and remember our practices, because this is why we practice. We will gather malas, crystals, incense, sage, oils, and every sacred tool in our arsenal that makes us feel GOOD and powerful. We will make insane mojo bags and sing at the top of our lungs. We will be warriors and if we forget how to do that, we will stand with those who will remind us. We will survive and add the song to our playlists. We will remain open to the experience and be ready to sort through some of the rubble for what is still shiny and sparkly.

Bowl Full of Light Shakti Womyn Meme

AND we will set intentions that will manifest gorgeously, wildly, successfully over the next few months. Along with all the intense initiation, karma stuff also comes a super solar-charged New Moon that will give an extra bajillionth of a boost to the seeds that you plant right now. HOLY UNIVERSAL YES. So fire up the cauldrons, smoke your sacred space out, and get clear on what you want. What you really, really want. Because that is also the benefit of these eclipses, our creations hitch a ride with karma and can achieve unforeseen heights.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this ride. But, just in case you do, not to worry. The Lunar eclipse cometh on the Full Moon.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Should-Haves:

Chani Nicholas horoscopes and eclipse updates

Kuan-Yin-Dragon5x8Audrey Alison readings for the month of March – includes tarot, astrology, and eclipse info for each sign

Tosha Silver Facebook for Divine Surrender tips and eclipse updates

A journal that makes you super happy and lots of colored pens to write and remember your intentions. Clarity now.

Goddesses of Water that will help you surf the Piscean eclipse energies: Yemaya, Mother of Oceans ~ Oshun, Orisha of the Sweet Waters ~ Mighty, Foam-Born Aphrodite ~ Anahita, Lady of the Waters ~ Mami Wata, aka La Dominadora ~ Ix Chel, as White Goddess, Rainbow Goddess, and especially Jaguar Goddess ~ Kwan Yin, Dragon-Rider ~ Lakshmi, Shri of the Cosmic Womb ~ ISIS, Great of Magick

Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, Essential Oils for smudging, purifying, soaking, and dousing. Scent is Sacred so wrap yourself and your space in some. I have been spraying White Light from Daughters of Isis, Shakti Rising from Red Wholistic, and a custom heart blend from Murphy’s Essentials.

Gaia Medicine crystals to ground and facilitate communication. Think black tourmaline (for protection), lapis lazuli, blue apatite, blue calcite, and blue aragonite. You also can’t go wrong with a nice chunk of quartz and/or amethyst. Be intuitive and allow the crystals to tell you what will be most helpful for you right now. MotherHouse Goddess Shop has just about everything you need or email me for custom crystal bundles.

Water. Kale. Chocolate. That is my potent nourish the temple triad to remind me to stay hydrated, eat my greens, and have treats.

Stock your supplies. Clean your space and make way for the new. Set the intentions. Fasten your seat-belt and stay connected. I will be sharing on my personal Facebook, as well as on Shakti Womyn and MotherHouse of the Goddess Facebook pages.

Also, there will be a Durga New Moon ritual on 3/8 and Goddess Full Moon Group on 3/20. When all else feels like pfffffffft, gather with tribe. We love you.

Blessings for the New Moon and eclipsetell me, how are you prepping and/or weathering?

xo Kimberly

*republished from Shakti Womyn – my personal site

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  1. Stefan says:

    Cant wait the New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

  2. Den Poitras says:

    Such an amazing time period we’re in. Conscious mind meets subconscious mind. A variety of unions of opposites. Rebirth, letting go of the old, welcoming the new. Expect the unexpected. Plans and habits are eclipsed—-all for welcoming the Return of the Sacred Feminine Spring energy of Pisces/Virgo!

  3. Bridget Engels says:

    Greetings Moon Sisters! I just happened to stumble upon this facebook page by chance…wow. I founded and lead a women’s moon circle in Seattle these last 5 years…. I am writing a book-soon to be self published on all my meditations the last 5 yearsWould love to take part, share and maybe lead an online moon meditation sometime…Anyone I should contact about this? Yes I am setting magickal intentions for tommorrows eclise and super moon Yeahhhhh!

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