Pachamama Awakenings – Vision Quests to Peru with Mona Rain

Vision Quest to Peru with Mona Rain - Group in Rain Forest

Pilgrimage: (def.) ~A long journey made to sacred sites, or for religious significance ~The act of traveling from one place to another. Undertaken as a quest or act of devotion

Consider … can this “devotion” include one’s self-enlightenment, healing or burning passion; as in our healing ourselves, we heal those around us, “pilgrim” after “pilgrim”.

My name is Mona Rain and I guide spiritual pilgrimages or Vision Quests, to the sacred lands of Peru. I offer the “pilgrims” who choose to travel to these sacred lands an opportunity to find awakening within themselves on many levels. Awakened spiritual communication, guidance, and a deeper, more profound understanding of their life purpose, and their “place” upon our ever-unfolding evolution with Gaia.

The outer landscapes of the pilgrimage allow one to visit many sacred vortexes and sites throughout Peru: Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, Lake Titicacca, Cusco (considered to be the navel of the Earth), as well as several not so well know sites, including Quilla-Rumiyok, the sacred Woman’s Site. Encountering the beauty and majesty of a foreign land, participants will feel a new and different vibration of life around them and in their bodies. They will experience, visit, and speak with people of a different culture, some of who have only know communal living, surviving far from a city or port. Happiness exudes from the simplicity of life -no mass transportation and at times no electricity, internet or cell phones. As the outer landscape awakens the senses, it quiets one’s chattering mind. Participants will commune with the ancestors, spirits and star beings, past, present and future.

The pilgrims will perhaps re-member a part of themselves they forgot long ago, a soul re-membering. There is a peace in every breath, in every footstep, in every thought. Days are about communing with nature, the elements, sunrise to sunset, stars and the moon, and being “home” in the vastness of the universe. Being in the moment becomes the focus.

So many people ask me, “What is your Spiritual Vision Quest to Peru all about?”

Home fresh from the Solstice Vision Quest to Peru in June 2015, there are seven travelers who can tell you all about their new awakenings to the magic of a Vision Quest to Peru. On the last day of our 14-day journey, I asked each of the travelers to tell me about their high points on the trip: What was their favorite day, their favorite site, and what experience impacted them the most?

They became still and quiet as they reflected on their journeys of self-discovery on mystical lands, the memories of each day visibly flooding over and through them. Then they looked at each other and laughed with joy, tears welling in their eyes, smiles on their faces…
“Do we have to pick just one…? They were all so incredibly beautiful and magnificent in their own way! There’s no way we can choose!”

Deep in the Rainforest Preserve - Vision Quest Peru with Mona Rain

Deep in the Rainforest Preserve – Vision Quest Peru with Mona Rain

For the Solstice Summer 2015 trip, we began our journey in the jungle atmosphere of the Amazon Rainforest, where we had modest but  comfortable accommodations in a pristine environment. We were cut off from the technology “grid” we are so accustomed to in our developed nations. There was no power, cold showers, and (Gasp!) no cell phone or internet services. This created some immediate resistance and disenchantment for a few travelers. Feeling out of touch and control, they focused on the next modern world thought to come to mind: schedules, timetables, things that could be controlled.

The reply from our Peruvian spiritual guide? “Please, allow the day, the beauty & energy of the Mother Earth, the vibrant ENERGY all around you, the ceremonies, and the wisdom of the Spirits to envelope you! Be open and be Blessed by the gifts your soul has brought you here to receive!”

This is a great answer for those who ask me: “How do you ‘plan’ a spiritual vision quest?” The answer is simple: “You don’t!”

The jungle calls out with amazing sounds at sunrise, daily, and at night. The wildlife, the ecosystem, the plants, the jungle spirits, and nature are all intertwined. We encountered them in every possible form along our daily hikes into Pachamama’s virgin rainforest and lush landscape. Our senses were excited with each step, energy permeating every cell of our bodies, every thought, every conversation, every dream, every ceremony and prayer, each footstep.

Seven individuals were becoming One ~ witnessing, awakening, communing, honoring each other, bonding, and understanding on deeper and deeper levels of existence the ancient principles of cooperation and respect.

Rainforest Monkey - Vision Quest to Peru with Mona Rain

We witnessed an unforgettable Sunrise on the precipice of the Rainforest! To truly experience the Solstice energies, we drove into another protected ecosystem, Manu Park, to experience a mystical sunrise that only happens during 28 days of the entire year. Imagine! Although they were cold and tired from the long trip, each of the seven pilgrims embraced the splendor of the rays of INTI (the Incan sun god) for a full three hours! As they stood ABOVE the clouds and the rainforest below, they basked and rejoiced in the incredible display of colors, photons, and ribbons of light consciousness before them, filling their cells with solstice light and activation! They each intuitively spread their arms to welcome the infusion as they laughed, cried, and opened their spirits and hearts.

Returning to Cuzco, we settled in at a very comfortable hotel with “the best showers in Cuzco,” which made the travelers very happy indeed! It was here that they received ancient coca leaf readings and the traditional prayerful blessing of an Andean despacho by our Q’ero elder, don Jose. The ceremony and subsequent blessings secured permission for us to proceed on our journey from the venerated Apus, or mountain spirits. that are guardians of the lands which we were about to travel upon.

Your Guides: Mona Rain and Don Pepe - Vision Quest to Peru

Your Guides: Mona Rain and Don Pepe – Vision Quest to Peru

Our experiences were many as we traveled to Sacred Valley, the Anta Valley, and to Machu Picchu. Each of the seven journeyers evoked and integrated the lands of Pachamama, the sacredness of each site, the uniqueness, and the profound healing of love, laughter, challenges, and tears, each of which increased the expansiveness of our spirits! In each moment, struggle became acceptance, resistance became flow, and that which was rooted in fear or pain became transmuted into joy and love.

These experiences are all part of a Vision Quest to Peru! I hope you are enjoying some of the pictures of our travels, and the Sacred Lands we were blessed and given permission to pray upon. Additional photos appear on my Facebook page and my website Chacaruna Healing and Shaman Spirits Cave.

Each of the participants in our Solstice Vision Quest has given permission to post photos of them and include their names where appropriate.

For information on the next Vision Quest to Peru, please contact Mona Rain.

As always: “Walk softly on Pachamama, and be Her prayer…”


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