Goddess Card Reading for Week of August 10 & New Moon – Athena, Hera, and Durga {Kimberly Moore}

Goddess Card Reading Athene Hera Durga for Week of August 10 and New Moon MotherHouse of the Goddess

Happy New Moon Week! The New Moon occurs on Friday, August 14 in Leo at 10:53am and we all have some work to do in preparation. The cosmic weather is supportive this week for ponderings, analysis, and the setting of clear intentions for the New Moon to carry to fruition in the Full Moon.

With a New Moon in Leo upcoming, our intention-setting may be naturally drawn to creative, extroverted endeavors. It is a wonderful moon to focus on the attraction of courage, self confidence, and recognition for our hard work. Take advantage this week to release (since we are in the waning lunar cycle) identified obstacles and blocks. The eve of the Dark Moon (Thursday night) is particularly potent for conscious release and burning shit, as I like to call it! And do that … burn it and see the physical release and transformation. With the clean slate, you then consciously invite your New Moon intentions.

Venus is in retrograde until October 8 and as we have discussed before, our relationships are coming under scrutiny. Opportunities for distance in relationship should be viewed as just that: opportunities. Question everything and work with Venus in this time of review.

Mind the details! Expansive Jupiter is moving into Virgo on August 11 and there will be a change of focus. Jupiter in Virgo activates the “realist” and we will be dealing in details, especially with the influence of Mercury in Virgo as well. I loved this observation from Cafe Astrology: “Jupiter not only likes to expand, it likes to learn.” Starting new research, creative projects, courses at this time could be very beneficial!

Don’t forget to join us for the live video stream Goddess New Moon Ritual with Laura Amazzone on the Tantric Goddess Matangi this Friday – it’s free to tune in, plus an archive will be available!

And now to the Goddesses that are supporting and guiding our New Moon Week – Athene, Hera, and Durga – what a combo!

Roman Athene Minerva

The Goddess Athene embraces all the Virgo aspects this week with Her sharp mind and detail-oriented nature. Athene is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, but I find Her brand of wisdom to be the strategic kind. Invite Her into negotiations, the board room, all circumstances where cunning, quick-wit, and strategy are required. As a Goddess of War, Athene loves detail and planning victory!

She brings left brain thinking into our dealings and gives us a powerful ally to step out of our emotions when viewing a situation. Athene was birthed from Her father and is a powerful Goddess for women to embrace and find connection. She represents the outer ability to work with the left brain, the “masculine” and also embodies the right brain, the “feminine” when She retreats. Athene in Her leisure time or retreat time spends it almost exclusively with other women. Many dismiss Her simply as Her father’s daughter, but Athene is more complicated and more potent as a Goddess guide.

Tap your own inner wisdom this week. Consciously step into a more left-brained and detail-oriented approach to situations and interactions. How does it feel? Athene can provide a much-needed objective opinion and guidance in all things! Owl is Her animal totem, so keep an eye out for owl this week to alert you of Athene’s presence.

Hera SSB

Bright-eyed Athene sprang fully-formed and fully-armed from Her father’s head, the Olympian Ruler Zeus. This relegated the Queen Goddess Hera into Athene’s stepmother (of sorts). Hera was enraged that Zeus gave birth AND favor to Athene. She was so enraged that She withdrew from his bed and throne room for a year and then gave birth to the monster Typhaon as revenge. The telling of the story also includes Hera making dire warnings to Zeus that She will cause trouble for him (and Athene) later.

I would like to take just a moment to clarify how “enraging” the portrayal of Hera is within Greek mythology. She is a shrew, a bitch, petty, vengeful, and bent on making Zeus’ life miserable if we are to believe the patriarchal rendering of the Olympian power couple. What is frustrating about this portrayal is that is does not honor who Hera was BEFORE Zeus and there is a pretty big before; however, we can take messages from both of Her aspects.

hera-621x1024In pre-Greek antiquity, She was known as “Parthenos” and was a great virgin creatrix Goddess with no consort. She held rule over the skies, the earth, and the Underworld. Her oldest centers were at Samos and Argos. There are ancient traditions of Her “tying” herself to a willow tree (later carried to the Olympian myths as Her chained to Her throne on Olympos) and another ancient tradition of Her annual ritual bath and renewal to restore Her virginity – Her whole self within Herself. One might imagine that being forced into a marriage with a philandering, macho god and then chained to a throne might make anyone a bit bitchy. And eventually, that bitchiness may become deep misery. We can honor Hera this week (and every week) by assessing our roles within our intimate relationships. Venus retrograde supports this assessment and we have a real opportunity to ask: “who am I in this relationship?” Does the relationship bring out the best in you? Or does the relationship incite emotions that are out of control, needy, paranoid, and jealous? Are you the person that you want to be in this relationship?

These questions are not just for love relationships, but the later myth of Hera invites reflection on our attitudes and behaviors towards other women. Are you in competition with other women? How would you like to transform your relationships with other women?

Hera also brings forward the issue of anger this week. Anger is debilitating and exhausting. Anger twists not only our emotional state, but also our creative purpose (as in Hera creating children that are deformed or monsters). Identify some of your triggers this week and work on beginning to release them in this waning cycle. This does not happen overnight, especially with deep-seeded anger and emotional outrage. Perhaps this week is the one in which you take the steps to seek assistance in freeing up that energy through counsel of a professional.

Most importantly,Hera reminds us that She came from a place where She belonged to herself wholly and completely. She was parthenogenetic – symbolizing abundance and creativity from within Herself. The project or dream that you have put on hold? Bring it to light, to birth and Hera in Her ancient form is standing solidly behind you in the creation of these dreams.

A call to make yourself whole – to heal is Hera’s ancient reminder – She at once represents the primordial ability for women to renew themselves and a warning of being “tied down” if we do not guard our own sovereignty. She is the Goddess with whom to connect for healing the “wounded woman”.

Maa Vaishnavi - Devi Vishweshwari Mahamaya

The third Goddess that presented this week completes a triumvirate of powerful, sovereign Goddesses. Ma Durga charges into the week on Her tiger, alight with fire and energy, truly glittering with power! I wanted to share a portion of what I wrote about Durga in my 52 Goddesses course as this seems to embody Her message this week:

As the Gods realized the imminent danger of demons controlling the world, they came together to create a Warrior.  A Protector.  One who could defeat the demons and save the world.

In a great fire ceremony, thirty Celestials gathered and contributed to the fire parts of their very essences.  Parvati sprinkled a mixture of Her magical herbs on the fire.  Bolts of energy shot forth from each deity’s open mouth into the fire and, as their energies combined, a figure began to take form.  From the leaping flames came the Goddess Durga – they say that Her radiant face was from Shiva; Her luxurious, curling hair was from Yama; Her multi-arms deftly swinging weapons was from Vishnu; and Her feet were from Brahma.  Not only did the Gods invest their powers and parts of their essence, they also armed Durga.  Her tiger emerged from the fire and as She sat astride Her beast (sometimes shown as a lion), each of the Celestials gave Her a weapon: the trident of Shiva, the chakra of Vishnu, bow and arrows from Vayu and on and on.

As the thunderous prayers and incantations began to fade, the Gods looked upon Durga and She looked back upon them.

Indra spoke up: “Make us victorious, O Devi, O Divine Feminine One, source of all power, Durga, who, in your capacity to delude, is difficult to see when ready to do battle.”

Durga gazed at each of the gathered Gods.  Her face was serene and wondrously beautiful and Her eyes glinted with the spark of anticipated battle.  Then, She spoke: “Although I was created by your powers, combining from your joined efforts, know that I am wholly independent.  I will belong to no one.  I am the spouse of none of you.  To think that I am an instrument of your bidding would be the gravest mistake.”

Indra replied with devotion and quickness: “O Durga, Chamundi, most powerful of all, we honor your presence among us and offer ourselves as your devotees.  Knowing that you go wherever you please and do as you will, be merciful to us in our predicament.  Since you have emerged from each of us in some way, you know the terrible situation that exists. Pray aid us in defeat of the demons that have wrongfully assumed power in the etheric realms.”

Durga nodded and with no further discourse, She and her tiger took off into the sky to search for Mahi Asura and his army of demons.

Durga goes on to defeat the demons and save the world. She is victorious and always available to come to the aid of those who ask. While Durga is important to invoke in times of need and protection, I also feel that She is a primary example of female sovereignty. She belongs to no one, only to Herself and is the ultimate in Fierce Independent Woman. During this week, call upon Durga to reclaim your own sovereign power. How do you rely upon your Self? Would you like to be more in touch with your Self? Durga is waiting and stands behind you as you conquer your own demons!

The Wisdom of Athene, the Healing of Hera, and the Super Powers of Durga are available to you this week. May Goddess bless and assist you as you craft your intention for the New Moon!

Blessings, Kimberly


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