Goddess Card Reading for Week of July 19 – Mnemosyne, Eostre, and Uzume

Goddess Card Readings for Goddesses Mnemosyne Eostre and Uzume for MotherHouse of the Goddess

Does anyone else have the sensation that we are fast-forwarding through summer? Time has been passing so quickly and this morning I had to do a double take at the date on the calendar! The planets are moving too and there are a few astrological changes of significance this week.

The Sun is entering Leo on July 22 – prepare for an influx of summer fun! We may find our focus shifting from the homebody energy of Cancer into the individually focused Leo, a shift from “us” to “I”. Leo also brings the qualities of exuberance, courage, self-expression, and drama (for the good and bad!). I personally adore this time of the year as Leo is my rising sign and my inner lioness and I relish the energy.

Venus Retrograde to Virgo occurs on July 25 and lasts through September 6. We are feeling the beginning of Her retrograde shadow this week. Remembering that retrogrades are times to clear up unfinished business and time to assess, Venus Retrograde may bring past lovers back into our lives and we may be drawn to an assessment of our current relationships. Virgo is the Virgin – as in “whole within herself” – so take advantage of the current retrograde to spend time outside of your relationship in self reflection. Don’t be surprised by endings in the next few weeks or feelings of distance.

Keep nourishing your New Moon seeds – this is the time of manifestation! How are your seeds progressing? What will encourage their growth? We have a few Goddesses this week that have stepped forward that may of assistance in that area!

Mnemosyne by Rossetti

Mnemosyne by Rossetti

Mnemosyne is the first Goddess this week. She is a Daughter of Gaia and She is Memory (and so much more!). As a Goddess of Remembrance and Time, Mnemosyne also rules oral histories and traditions and is considered to be the Mother of the nine Muses. One of the rivers of Hades, the Greek Underworld, has Her name and the other is the River Lethe. We have a river of Remembrance (Mnemosyne) and a river of Forgetting (Lethe). In Greek myth, most souls of the dead drink of the River Lethe to forget; forget their past lives, seeking the solace of forgetfulness. Interestingly, in many of the temples of the Greek Mysteries, there are reminders and instructions for Initiates and Seekers to drink not of the River Lethe, but the River Mnemosyne so that they would bring the memories of their previous lives into their current life. In this case Mnemosyne becomes the Goddess Anamnesis, the Goddess of Remembering Again.

mnemosyne_memoryGreek scholar Jane Ellen Harrison explains the energy of these two Goddesses, Lethe and Mnemosyne, succinctly:”Lethe is but an attenuated Death. Mnemosyne, renewed consciousness, is a new Life.

Mnemosyne is also tied to the oracular tradition at the temple at Trophonius in which those seeking oracles were instructed to drink from two wells, Lethe and Mnemosyne. They would drink first of Lethe to clear the slate – forget all the negative – and then drink of the well of Mnemosyne to remember the oracular messages from the Divine.

The message from Mnemosyne this week is “Remember Who You Are”. As we pursue lives of spiritual enlightenment and increased union with Goddess, this re-membrance is critical. We are continually purging the energies of old patterns and stories that are no longer relevant to allow more room for the light of Goddess. This mimics the oracular rites of Mnemosyne – “purgation to allow for the emergence of the divine” (Jane Ellen Harrison). Mnemosyne is particularly critical as we enter the time of Venus Retrograde when we are assessing our intimate relationships. Who are you in the relationship? Does the relationship bring out the best in you? Is your authentic Self present and recognizable within and without the relationship? Who are you or perhaps who do you want to be? If you are seeking a significant other, this is also a great time to review your needs and wants within a relationship.

From a spiritual seeker standpoint, Mnemosyne is calling you to do some hard work. Drink of the River Lethe … clear the slate so that Goddess may inspire the Remembrance of Her divine message that was woven into your soul before entering this world. How may you become more potently, magically, courageously YOU? Spend time in meditation and ceremony this week. Clear the energies that you identify as obstacles by writing them on paper, burning them, and casting them into flowing water. Drink deeply of Mnemosyne and invite Her life-giving energies to activate your re-membering. Amber is one of the most potent stones that assists in recalling past lives that are important for your growth now. Carry amber and hold it in meditation to activate that energy and clear out unwanted energies that may be blocking your evolution. MotherHouse Goddess Shop will have Parting the Veil Goddess Journey kits coming out this week that will facilitate this process as well!

Eostre from the Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Marashinsky

From the intensity of the Goddess Mnemosyne, we take a deep breath and carry our Goddess messages into a vibrant field of green and blossoming flowers to join the Germanic Goddess Eostre. She is the Maiden of Spring and brings the energy of new growth, new beginnings, and fertility. Eostre’s message is “Allow YourSelf to Blossom”.

Eostre’s roots are uncertain as there is no mention of Her throughout the Norse and Germanic myths and Eddas. We find only a mention of Her as being the Goddess of April by St. Bede in approximately 750 ad; however, Eostre represents the archetypal energy of Spring Maiden and from that energy, we have understanding. Awakening, New Beginnings, Rebirth, Growth, these are all the promises of Spring and Eostre.

Again, there is a call to clear away the dead energy, that which no longer serves and to make way for new growth. Eostre also brings in joy and the satisfaction of pursuing our bliss. What activities make you sing with revived energy? How can you blossom in your life, projects, spirituality? Tap into the NEW with Eostre this week! Perhaps a little Spring cleaning to create sacred space or an adventure is in order. Bring it on and Blossom!

Uzume by Hrana Janto from the Goddess Oracle

Uzume by Hrana Janto from the Goddess Oracle

Are you ready for giggles, snorts, belly laughter, and hilarity? The Japanese Goddess and Shamaness Uzume has arrived for a welcome mandate of “Laugh MORE”! 

Uzume is the gorgeous, full-bodied of figure and in laughter, Jiggling Joyful Jokester, Shinto Shaman, Bawdy Babe of Bliss, Goddess of Laughter, and Transformer!  Uzume intervened when the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, hid in a cave and would not come out and shine Her light on the Earth. The Gods pleaded with Amaterasu to return – the Earth was dying without Her light. Outside the cave, Uzume flipped a barrel, jumped on top, and began a jiggling, bawdy dance that sent all the Gods into roars of laughter. Amaterasu emerged from the cave to see what the laughter was all about, caught sight of Herself in a mirror for the first time and was transfixed. The Gods secured the entrance to the cave so that Amaterasu could not hide again and so returned the light of the Sun to the Earth. Uzume and laughter saved the day!

Uzume is dancing Her way into our week to create more opportunities for laughter. Laughter burns calories, reduces stress hormones, floods our body with healthy oxygen, and reduces our blood pressure. Getting the giggles is natural therapy for wellness. Seek out friends and family that make you laugh. Have a Goddess Gathering with the intent purpose of invoking Uzume. The tradition of women gathering to talk, share stories, and laugh together is not only a social tradition, but a sacred one as evidenced by Uzume and Her Greek sister, Baubo. Laugh it up and let Uzume bring you some healing!

May the messages of re-membering, renewal, and laughter of Goddess infuse and support you!

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Blessings, Kimberly

Goddess Card Reading for Mnemosyne - Eostre - and Uzume from MotherHouse of the Goddess

Resources for the Goddesses this week:

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