Goddess Card Reading for Week of June 28 & Full Moon in Capricorn – Tlazolteotl, Mama Quilla, Maman Brigitte, Cimidye {Kimberly F. Moore}

Goddess Card Reading for Week of June 28 and Full Moon - Tlazolteotl - Mama Quilla - Maman Brigitte - Cimidye MotherHouse of the Goddess

A new Goddess deck arrived for me this past week and I am so delighted – it could be my favorite of all time! The Goddess Inspiration Oracle Kit from Kris Waldherr has 80 Goddesses, each with a picture and message on the cards (see below) and a guidebook. Not only am I excited about the prospect of adding 80 new cards to my Goddess box, but many of them are lesser-known Goddesses and include some that are completely unfamiliar to me. This Priestess loves research and new Goddess mythologies! In honor of welcoming the new deck, the Goddess Card reading this week and for the Full Moon includes only cards chosen from this deck.

Normally, three Goddesses present for our weekly Goddess Card Readings. Not so this week; we have four and they all have strong messages for the week and really harmonize with the astrological “weather”. As we move into the month of July, the moon will be Full in Carpricorn on July 1 at 10:19pm eastern. This is the first Full Moon of July – the second will occur on July 31.

This lunation is filled with dualities – the feeling emotional center of the Cancer Sun and the earthy, grounded practical Capricorn Moon are coming together this week. This duality may be reflected as the feeling of connection to our roots (home and family) and, additionally, the urge to achieve our earthly goals (career and work goals). The call for the Full Moon is to balance these two urges. Important information may come to us personally as we have an opportunity to reflect on where we are “spending” our energies and emotions and make adjustments that will be more beneficial to us moving forward in a practical manner.

It is important to note that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and that Saturn is now retrograde in Scorpio as of June 16 and remains so until September 18. Saturn represents time, karma, restriction, and life lessons. The retrograde into Scorpio brings with it the scorpion’s sting, painful lessons but also an opportunity to take care of unfinished business. Reflect upon what was occurring from October 2012 to December 2014 and see what was left undone. Retrogrades are chances for do-overs and with Saturn it has a heavier feel of finality as we may experience the final cutting of karmic ties and permanent endings. Finances and lack of resources may also be emphasized during this Saturn Retrograde. I enjoy following Armand on Integral Astrology for this daily astrology posts and forecasts.

Several of the Goddesses this week reflect this Saturnian focus and offering their energy as we begin this process of sifting and releasing. Interestingly, these Goddesses also reflect the sexual energy as well. Synchronicity!

Jupiter, Venus, the Beehive star cluster and the moon are visible in this image from June 18, 2015 by Matt Schulze in Santa Fe, New Mexico. on EarthSky.org

Jupiter, Venus, the Beehive star cluster and the moon are visible in this image from June 18, 2015 by Matt Schulze in Santa Fe, New Mexico. on EarthSky.org

We do some levity and fun with charming Venus in Leo which brings exuberance, positivity, and plenty of sexy feelings. She is meeting up with Uranus and Jupiter to spread love and luck this week. Look to the skies and you can see the gorgeous line-up of Venus and Jupiter!

From Chani Nicholas (plus her awesome horoscopes):

Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets out there, have been lighting up the heavens, putting on a spectacular evening event for the past month. One of the loveliest signatures in the sky right now, the conjunction of the two benefic beauties this week will be seen and felt. The dynamic duo are working to bring opportunity, connectivity and some love, appreciation and possibly even some luck to the part of your chart that contains Leo. Because this is happening on the same day as the full moon it carries an extra potent impact. Full moon intensify whatever is happening. Use this day to celebrate what brings you joy. We are abundant because of what we consciously connect to from one moment to the next. We are wealthy when we give precedence to what we treasure the most and share of it freely.

Goddess Card Reading for June 28 Week with Full Moon MotherHouse of the Goddess

These Goddesses are intense. Choose the Goddess that resonates with you and work with that energy to avoid feelings of overwhelm.

Aztec Goddess Tlazolteotl from Kris Waldherr Goddess Inspiration Oracle - Picture from MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tlazolteotl (say that three times fast!) is the Aztec Goddess of sexuality, lust, excess, and overindulgence. Her name is derived from the Nahuatl word for garbage, “tlazolli”, literally that which is old, deteriorated, and worn out. She is called the “Filth Eater” as one of Her functions is to receive the confessions of Her followers at their death and “eat” their misdeeds which also makes Her a Goddess of purification. This description was reminiscent of Ammut, the Egyptian Goddess and “Eater of Hearts”. The message on the card is: “Look within and be honest with yourself. Then you will be freed.

Tlazolteotl also is depicted birthing the Sun and is considered a patroness of Midwives. She encompasses four aspects or four sisters of the Moon and is said to portray the female capacity to embody regeneration, the continuing cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Death feeds life and life feeds death. Could a more apropos Goddess step forward as we are beginning to feel the effects of the Saturn Retrograde? Tlazolteotl brings to light the excess, overindulgences, the “filth”, or that which is worn out in our lives and behavior. We may offer it up to Her to be consumed and then step into the process of purification. As karma or worn out patterns are being revealed this summer, remember Tlazolteotl. What do you need to give up in order to be free? Liberation is the ultimate benefit of Saturn’s painful constriction. Her ancient festival was harvest season and celebrated by the Aztecs from September 2 – 21; at the same time that Saturn will go direct again. Synchronicity always happens for a reason!

Tlazolteotl riding a broom

Tlazolteotl riding a broom

Tlazolteotl giving birth to the Sun

Tlazolteotl giving birth to the Sun

I would also like to note that Tlazolteotl was also frequently depicted with a conical hat and riding a broom. Her purification rituals at Her festival in September included ritual cleaning, sweeping, and repairing. You can read more about this fascinating Goddess in the article by Dr. Anne Key, Tlazolteotl, Goddess of Filth on Matrifocus. The image above on the top shows Her riding a broom and the one on the bottom shows Her birthing the Sun. The image on the right calls to mind the ancient images of Sheela-na-gig as well.

Incan Goddess Mama Quilla by Kris Waldherr from Goddess Inspiration Oracle MotherHouse of the Goddess

Mama Quilla (Mama Killa in Quechua) shines forth Her Divine Light for us this week. Her name literally means Mother Moon and She is an Incan Moon Divinity and Goddess of Marriage. Her ancient temple was located in Cuzco, Peru and attended by Priestesses with an enormous silver disc hanging on the wall. Mama Quilla was an important Goddess as She was associated with calendars and the marking of the passage of time (more Saturn synchronicities!). The menstrual cycles of women were also under Her influence and She was considered to be a great protector of women.

Mama Quilla - Mother Moon - Incan Moon Goddess

Mama Quilla – Mother Moon – Incan Moon Goddess

Her message on the card reads. “Just as the Moon changes over time, so will your situation.“. Apply that to a current situation or to your outlook for the “summer of Saturn”. While we go through cycles that can be challenging, it does eventually pass. Sometimes only in retrospect can we see the benefits. Nothing is forever, so we will wrap ourselves in Mama Quilla’s sparkling light and take refuge in Her protection in the difficult times. Place a silver plate or disc in your sacred space and burn a white candle for Mama Quilla. Burn some white copal and simply rest in the lunar glow. Carry Selenite to remind yourself of Mama Quilla and her light. The Moon is our Mother and we are blessed by Her light and presence.

Haitian Lwa Maman Brigitte by Kris Waldherr from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle MotherHouse of the Goddess

The intensity of the week continues with the appearance of the Vodou lwa, Maman Brigitte! She is a formidable Goddess and reigns over death and cemeteries (more Saturn). A devotee remarked that “She does not suffer fools”. Maman Brigitte is the wife of Baron Samedi who is the head of the ancestral lwa and together they claim the souls of the dead. Traditional symbols for Maman Brigitte are crosses and She has associations and connections with the Irish Goddess Brigid who may have been brought to Haiti and New Orleans by Irish immigrants. Additional associations for Her are headstones, hearts, and chili peppers and offerings include oranges, chocolate, wine, pork, beef, and a rum drink laced liberally with hot peppers. When She appears through possession, Her children are said to dance suggestively and drink the rum with peppers. A connection again with sexuality and death energies and regeneration.

Maman_Brigitte Veve

Maman Brigitte gives us the message “that which appears dead will be resurrected. Look for it.” This message is a direct call for the do-over of Saturn Retrograde. Remember, all retrogrades give us the opportunity to reflect back AND make changes to move forward. Maman Brigitte with Her formidable presence moves big energy and this may be just what you need this summer. Approach to the Vodoun lwas can be tricky, so if you need a referral for a reputable practitioner, please email me and I am happy to help.

Goddess Cimidye by Kris Waldherr Goddess Inspiration Oracle MotherHouse of the Goddess

FOUR Goddesses this week!

Cimidye is a Tucuna Indian Goddess of the Amazon and She represents the energy of vengeance AND transcendence. There is an incredible amount of transformational energy with Cimidye. She was abandoned by Her cruel husband deep in the forest. A large blue butterfly Spirit Guide came to Her and transformed Her into a dragonfly. Sound familiar? This story is very similar to the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel who has a close association with dragonflies as well! Dragonfly medicine is powerful and represents illusion and the ability to overcome illusion.

The message on the card from the Goddess Cimidye is “your difficulties transform you. Take heart, for you will be vindicated.” The lessons of Saturn cannot be spoken more eloquently. Working through our karma and rolling with the life lessons presented to us causes transformation. Suffering does not have to be for naught. Reflect on difficult times in the past few years. Where would you transform the situation or your reaction to it? How can you morph with the assistance of the Goddesses and your Spirit Guides? Cimidye is a great example of possibility to turn challenges into transformation. Carry a piece of labradorite crystal with you this week to remind yourself of the inner light and strength within you. The bright blue flash when labradorite catches the sun is a perfect representation of the Goddess Cimidye.

Happy Full MOON! When I find potent Goddesses gathering in such a way as the cards this week, I take the stance that forewarned is forearmed. Within us we carry immense capabilities of light and dark and the Dark Mothers have innumerable treasures to offer. When you know that challenges may arise, you can embrace the Grace of Goddess and roll with it. Remember, this too shall pass. And make sure to have plenty of summer fun too!

Bright Blessings,


Resources for your week

Cards for this week are from: The Goddess Inspiration Oracle Kit from Kris Waldherr

Article by Dr. Anne Key, Tlazolteotl, Goddess of Filth on Matrifocus

Selenite for your altar and practice from Brandi Auset

Article on Patheos on Maman Brigitte


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Goddess Card Reading for Week of June 28 and Full Moon in Capricorn MotherHouse of the Goddess


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  2. […] you need a boost, check the western sky for the beautiful Venus and Jupiter (see the line-up from last week). When I was speaking to Mary Lomando yesterday, she said that luck and grace (Jupiter and Venus) […]

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