#GoddessAlive Radio with Audrey Alison 6/11 – Psychic Medium, Tarot & Astrologer {CALL IN SHOW}

Goddess Alive Radio with Audrey Alison Psychic Medium on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Get ready for an awesome Goddess Alive Radio Show with Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Astrologer, Audrey Alison! This is an extra special show as Audrey will be taking calls from 8:30pm to 9pm edt so make sure you are in the queue to ask Audrey a question.

I first encountered Audrey from her bubbly, informative (and amazingly accurate!) videos on YouTube. She is available for personal readings (get more info here) and you can subscribe to her YouTube channel as well. Audrey is currently a member of the International Academy of Astrology, as well as the American Federation of Astrologers, where she is enrolled for her accreditation & is currently studying for her Astrological Certification this year at both the AFA and Kepler University. 

As a Gemini/Cancer (29°59’38”), born exactly on the Cusp of Magic, Audrey’s specific role on this path is that of the Empathic Messenger! 

Tune in and connect on Thursday, June 11 at 8pm eastern for the interview and CALL IN SHOW!

Ring the Goddess Alive number 347-945-5979 at the start of the show and we will take callers throughout the show (until 9:00 pm edt).

Tune in LIVE online on Blogtalk Radio to listen 

Dial in by phone (347) 945-5979 to ask Audrey a question! The queue will be taken in order of callers.

Link to listen to the archive

More from Audrey:

PIC 2I have always heard an inner voice; whether it was my Angels guiding me to walk on certain sides of the street as to protect me, or my Guides, telling me what song would come on the radio next, just for kicks.  I listened to this voice.  This voice led me here! There are times in my life that I could and should have listened harder to these voices and my own intuition, and made my own better choices and decisions.  But I have had to learn through my own mistakes and errors.  I still paid attention, even if I didn’t adhere to the guidance, and have always kept an open heart, mind and faith.  

I preoccupied a lot of my teens reading and testing any psychic abilities that I perceived to be valid.  I believe we all have these innate abilities.  Some of us feel an urge to develop and hone in on these skills, some of us do not, understandably.

After the initial loss of several family members, most significantly my Father, I have had pure visions of Spirit, not just with my own relatives who have passed, but with many others.  And with each relative or friend that passes, I have contact and connection with them, both while dreaming and awake.  I have mastered my own ability to channel through my Guides, through their establishing of communication forms & meditation.  I am a Channel; a Conduit; a Medium who connects information from above (the next astral plane) to this plane.  I only use this gift for the purpose of positivity, love & light.

Connect with Audrey:

Audrey Alison website

Audrey Alison on Facebook

Audrey Alison on YouTube

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