Goddess Card Readings for Week of June 8 – Mawu, Flora, Freya

Goddess Card Reading Week of June 8 - Mawu Flora Freya MotherHouse of the Goddess

This week brings an interesting group of Goddesses and as I meditated on them together, a question was reflected back to me: “How does your garden grow?“.

We are almost at the mid-point of the year which is a natural time of review for how the year is progressing and a personal check-in to see if we are achieving goals set at the new year. Since Mercury is still retrograde until June 11 (and we still feel the shadow through June 27), the opportunity for review is emphasized further. As Our Lady Luna wanes, we are subtly preparing for the New Moon on June 16 which is a potent monthly renewal. Making the subtle conscious could accelerate the releases that need to occur so we can be new again. This is the cycle of spiritual growth … release and renew.

Mawu by Lisa Hunt

Mawu by Lisa Hunt

Mawu is a West African Creation Goddess. She sees into our souls with the Moon as Her eyes. As we sink into deep reflection this week and harmonize with the cosmic weather, Mawu cools us and draws the shades of night to allow us quiet womb time. Under Her canopy, we can take a much-needed respite. Each day, Mawu writes the destinies of humanity and passes them to Her son, Legba, to deliver. Look and listen for Her messages. Take the information that She provides and prepare to seed your field anew at the New Moon, just as Mawu set down the first seeds of creation. Her messages come from a myriad of sources: nature, the Sky (Her home), through strangers (it just might be Legba himself), and in dreams. Rest with Mawu this week in preparation for creation and allow Her to soothe and guide you. Place a bowl of seeds on your altar to honor Mawu or simply lay on the Earth at night and allow Her to speak to you.

In the bigger picture, Mawu is sending out a call to Her sacred activists. As the source of seeds, what is occurring on this planet with genetic modification, seed-hoarding by corporations, and the slow but steady undermining of farmers, is anathema to Mawu. Get involved and learn how you can help. Mawu’s seeds feed and sustain us and we can work on Her behalf to keep it that way.

Flora - Roman Fresco in Pompeii

Flora – Roman Fresco in Pompeii

The message of renewal continues with the Sabine Goddess, Flora. She is the harbinger of Spring and spreads Her lush missives through the blooms of flowers. Flora’s presence brings to mind Emerson’s quote: “Earth laughs in Flowers“, and certainly, Flora’s laughter is apparent throughout the Northern Hemisphere as we head for official summer. In ancient Rome, She was celebrated from the end of April through the month of May with rowdy festivals praising the blossoms, the renewal of life, and sexuality. On the other side of the festivities, we can appreciate Flora’s presence all around us. Walks in nature are the perfect way to connect with Flora as She invites us to stop and smell Her flowers. Spruce up your space with fresh flowers. Plant some colorful blooms in your garden. Give thanks for the visions of beauty that Flora provides so eloquently!

Freyja - Freya Kris Waldherr deck

Freya is the Norse Goddess of fertility, passion, sexuality, as well as war and death. Through Her, the full cycle of life and death is reflected, with Freya’s unique zest for living filling the space in between. Freya’s message this week was a clarion call – How are you living? How are you speaking your Truth? Freya has no patience for indecisiveness and calls for you to identify what living life really means to you. Shed your fears and the shackles of the past that are preventing you from moving forward. It’s not easy, but with Freya’s warrior energy at your back, Her confidence is intoxicating and gives us strength. She assists us in acknowledging what makes us passionate, excited, joyful, and then assists us in going for it! Attune to Freya this week in nature. Head deep into the woods and look to the skies for Her falcon to lead the way for you. Carry a piece of amber to remind you of Freya’s ancient wisdom.

Resources for your week

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Music from the video is “The Whirler” by Layne Redmond

Flora by Thalia Took

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My Goddess Oracle Box has Goddess Cards from multiple decks and contains over 300 Goddesses. One day as I was playing with the Goddess cards, I had the urge to mix them all together and so the Goddess Oracle Box was born! The cards from this reading came from the following decks:

Mawu – Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Flora – Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Of Goddesses and Heroines by Kay Steventon

Freya – The Goddess Tarot Deck by Kris Waldherr

Goddess Card Readings June 8 Mawu Flora Freya MotherHouse of the Goddess

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